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Gift Guide: Small Business Part II

Gift Guide: Small Business Part II
Gift Guide season is upon us and you saw my first guide last week. Today is the day for the second and final edition of my small business guide. I wanted to get these out as early as possible as to not overwhelm these wonderful businesses! Plus, Christmas is now less than 2 months away!

As a housekeeping note, I will have most (if not all) gift guides live prior to Black Friday/Cyber Monday this year. I know you have all voiced your opinions (thank you!!) and the majority of you have said the sooner the better. So I hear you and we are doing things earlier than usual this year. I am working my hardest to get these all out for you ASAP! Hoping to get two more out for next week. I put a lot of care and thought into all I do, and as frivolous as it sounds, I take my gift guides seriously. I put SO much thought and consideration into each item that I include and I can only hope you can tell in the finished product! 

Mary Caroline Spano Bracelet// I was sent a pair of these beautiful bracelets this past summer. They are just so different and while subtle, they are special! 

Charming Scribe Wedding Memory Book// I shared this in a blog post on its own this summer but these are just SO beautiful. A great gift for a bride-to-be. 

India Amory Tablecloth// I bought my first India Amory tablecloth back in April and love her things. They are so beautiful and colorful! 

Tiny Tassel Earrings// These tassel earrings are SO cute. I love these navy pair but I have a more neutral pair so I can wear with a bunch of different oufits. 

Classic Prep Monograms Beaded Clutch// I ordered one of these for our wedding, but when we had to postpone, I panicked because I knew I had our date beaded into the clutch. So, I reached out to the company to see if it was too late to remove the date on the inside and they said it was but they offered to create an entirely new clutch for me and use my old one for product photos. SO thoughtful and wonderful customer service. The clutch is seriously a work of art and I can't wait to be able to carry it. 

Amanda Lindroth// I ordered my first Amanda Lindroth items this past summer and love her tableware and linens. Everything is bright and fun! 

Vivian Drew// Her earrings are now being sold at Anthropologie which is huge!!! The earrings are stunning and my sister will be wearing a pair in our wedding! 

Sarah Flint// These shoes are serioulsy the BEST. The comfort level is off the charts and they are such high quality. I've pretty much stopped buying Manolos and Jimmy Choo's in favor of Sarah Flint. 

Shop The Avenue Bow// These bows are just adorable. Several colors to choose from and you can have whatever you'd like embroidered on them. 

Mi Golondrina// Love love love Mi Golondrina pieces. They are so beautifully embroidered and the fabrics are crisp and bright. I also have a headband and it's one of my most worn pieces and something I have gotten numerous compliments on. 

Willa Heart// I have a Willa Heart piece in our guest room and love it. I learned about Willa Heart when I was on Nantucket last summer. They sold her pieces at Skinny Dip and I fell in love. The pieces are bright and whimsical and just make me smile. 

Monogram Decal Sticker// I have monogram decals everywhere but these are fun because they are layered! 

Tuckernuck Easton Blouse// One of my most worn pieces of clothing ever. I wrote an entire blog post about this top becuase it's so flattering and comfortable. 

Biscuit Home Linens// I love these beautiful printed linens. Whether you're trying to add some pattern or color to your bedroom or designing a room from scratch, these linens are worth the splurge. 

Plainly Worded Art// Jane is SO talented. I've comissioned three pieces from her: our family dog Mac who passed away in 2018, my parent's house, and the Pittsburgh skyline where we got engaged. 

Monogrammed Tissue Box Cover// No tissue box is bare in our house, ha!! I love these monogrammed tissue box covers as they are beautiful and there are so many embroidery options. 

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Thanks for the tip about Mary Caroline Spano's bracelets. I'm always looking for standout pieces to go with my relatively classic wardrobe. These are just perfect! - KLV in PHL


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