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Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Under $100

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Under $100
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My own personal wish list is always the #1 most requested gift guide (see 2019's here), but this is always a close second. I'm feeling rather ambitious as I type this but I might do two of these so stay tuned! I will also have a stocking stuffer guide (which I try to keep under $25) and an under $50 guide (among many others), so keep that in mind, too! Oh!!! Also have one coming up 'for the home' so that's why you don't see too many home items here either. This guide is $50ish-$100 and focuses mostly on beauty and fashion. Here are links to previous year's under $100 gift guides as a lot of these items are also so good and most are still in stock: 2019, 2018, 2017

When giving a gift, I like for it to fall in at least one of these 'categories':
- Is it representative of their taste?
- Is it indulgent or something they would likely never purchase for themselves? (this is my favorite category for gifts to fall under)
- Is it something that you already know they use and love and would want 'more'?
- Do you already own this and know that this gift would fit nicely in the recipient's life? 
- Do you know if they want or need this?

Slippers// I got these in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and love them. They are the perfect fall/spring slipper or perfect for those of you who have a milder winter! They are high quality, comfortable, and cozy. 

Lash Serum// This is the lash serum I have been using since May. I love it and it truly works in making my lashes longer. 

Monogrammed Clear Pouch// I have one of these and it is always in my tote. Always. It is so cute and you can customize it with so many prints and color options. 

Almond Shower Oil Set// Trader Joe's came out with something similar (and much cheaper) and I tried it and it just didn't stand up to this Almond Oil. I use this in the shower to shave my legs. I am convinced it works way better than shaving cream or anything else. 

Satin  Lounge Pants// I have a pair of these satin lounge pants and they are incredibly silky soft. It's a different softness than, say, Lake Pajamas, as these have a 'slippery' feel to them. It almost feels indulgent every time I wear them! They run true to size. I like my pajamas to be a bit roomy and my true to size small works out perfectly. 

Pajama Set// I have two of these sets as they are just classic and comfortable. They run big so no need to size up even if you like your pajamas roomier. These can be monogrammed, too! 

Pillow Talk Gift Set// I love the Charlotte Tilbury products. Pillow Talk is such a good everyday lip color and this set is amazing. I have not tried out the gloss! 

Leggings// Best leggings ever. I have tried so many other leggings out there and while I have found some to be similar, none of them match up to these. I workout in them and lounge in them. 

Neck Serum// This is something unnecessary bur luxurious so that's why I think it makes such a good gift. I was sent this a few months ago and have been using it every morning and night since. I love it. The roller is rose quartz and feels cool on my neck. The rolling sensation feels like a massage and the serum itself is hydrating and smells like roses. It's truly luxurious and would be the perfect gift for someone who seemingly has everything. 

Wood Sage and Sea Salt Perfume// This is one of my favorite perfumes. I am SO bad at describing scents so I would just say to click over and read the description. But it's light and feminine but also has a woodsy vibe to it. I especially love it for fall, but it's not really seasonal as I wear it year-round. One of the things I have been doing sine March is to apply perfume sometimes even when I am just at home. Scents make me happy and spritzing your favorite scent is a simple and small way to brighten your day! 

Anti-Aging Sleep Mask// They discontinued this mask for a while and I couldn't find it anywhere online!! But it's back (and in a different color). I LOVE this mask. It's woven with copper which is supposed to be anti-aging. I'm not sure if that is really the case, but I'll take it anyway, ha! What I personally love most about this mask is that it is larger than the Slip silk sleep mask so it truly blocks out all of the light. My fiancĂ© uses the Slip mask, so I definitely think it is a personal preference, but the Iluminage is my favorite. It also has an adjustable strap for the most comfortable fit. 

Tortoise Sunglasses// I just got these and LOVE them. I hopped on the cheapo Amazon sunglass train for a while and I found a pair where I really liked the lenses but just did not love the shape at all (and also they felt cheap). These are not inexpensive like Amazon sunglasses but they are less pricey than designer sunglasses. However, they feel like high-end sunglasses. 

White Button Down// I wear this button-down several times per month. It's soft, high quality, and just a classic wardrobe staple. This is currently on sale for $96 (post-sale is over $100). 

Plaid Scarf// I have this scarf and wear it all of the time. It is soft, cozy, and classic. It is unisex so it works for anyone! 

Obagi Hydrating Serum// I love this serum so much that I wrote an entire blog post about it

Custom Embroidered Hair Bow// Love this bow so much. I had a bow similar to this in high school done in our school colors and wore it so much! Keep in mind this has a 3-week lead time. 

Black Tulip Perfume// This is another go-to perfume and this one, in my opinion, is a fall/winter scent. It's 'bright' but cozy (if that even makes sense). Again, read the professional description on this one. But I highly recommend it and especially because it's a lot more affordable when you compare it to other perfume brands like Chanel and Jo Malone. 

Canvas Sneakers// I wear these ALL of the time. They are just a very classic canvas sneaker that works with anything and everything. They never go out of style and are very comfortable. I have gotten asked a lot if I prefer these over my Veja Campo sneakers and other than the fact that they both fall into the sneaker/tennis shoe category, they are hard to compare. The Veja's are a little trendier and a little bulkier. The Tretorns are less stylish and more of a preppy staple. Also, Veja's are almost double the price of Tretorns, so again, it's a tough comparison. I actually like it when these get a worn-in look so I don't try to keep them bright white. I think the worn-in look gives them character. 

Concealer// This has quickly become a holy grail makeup product for me. I will gladly hand over my money for this outrageously priced concealer. The hype is real. I have dark undereye circles and even when I get a night of great sleep, they are still so dark! These truly erase my dark circles better than any product I have ever tried. I don't need to prime my under eyes or set them with powder or anything. Just this and it is magic. I wear the color beige. If you are unsure about what color to get the recipient, I would maybe give a gift card with a photo of the product so they are able to figure out the color for themselves. 

Beautiful Book// I have this book and I just LOVE flipping through the pages. Mark D. Sikes is so incredibly talented and it gives me so much inspiration. If you are having a bad day, just get lost in the pages of this book and they will instantly give you a boost. I think coffee table books, in general, can make great gifts for those who are hard to shop for because one can never have too many. You can also make it personal by giving a book that is representative of a trip or their style or their favorite team or whatever it may be. You can see a list of my favorite coffee table books, here

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