Saturday, November 28, 2020

Small Business Saturday 2020

Small Business Saturday 2020

Today is Small Business Saturday and it's a great reminder to shop small. There are SO many wonderful small businesses and this year has been so rough for many small businesses so it's important to support them when you are able! 

I shared these two gift guides as the first two guides for holiday 2020 and they all highlight and focus on items from some of my favorite small businesses and brands. You can click 'original post' so you can read my comments about the brands and the items!

How to Help Without Spending Money 
 Maybe you are not buying gifts this year or not spending as much as usual, but there are still ways you can help to support your favorite small businesses that don't involve purchasing anything. Here are some easy ways... 

- Share their account on your Instagram stories or in your feed to create awareness for their brand with your followers. You can do this on Facebook, Twitter, or any social media site!

- When you see their posts pop up in your feed on a social media site, don't just mindlessly scroll past. Engage with their content by commenting on their photos and liking things that they post. 

- If you have purchased from them in the past, a positive review on a site like Yelp is always appreciated and helpful. 

- In that same vein, if you have purchased something in the past and are really impressed with it, think about posting a photo of your item and sharing it with your network. 

- Use the power of word-of-mouth and chime in if someone is looking for a recommendation for a local business. If you love a business, talk about them with your friends and family. 

Leave A Comment With Some Small Businesses You Love! 
If you are going to shop small, check out the comments from others so we can all discover new brands to love! 
I also wanted to share some of my favorite restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. Gift cards make such nice holiday gifts. Even if the recipient does not feel comfortable dining out right now, it will be such a treat for them to use in the future or even for takeout! 

Little Tokyo// This is my #1 favorite restaurant ever in Pittsburgh and my #1 favorite food/meal ever. They have the best sushi, in my opinion. We get takeout from here multiple times per month. It's my obsession. Their shrimp sauce is to die for, I love their Dean roll and their spicy salmon roll, they have the best seaweed salad, and my fiancĂ© loves their hibachi. 

Dianoia's// One of my favorite Italian restaurants. Their gnocchi in a bread bowl is life-changing!!

Cucina Bella// They have the most incredible Neopolitan-style pizza and the best meatballs ever. We also love their antipasti, and their Nocce salad (Atella is a close second). 

Totopo// One of the best casual Mexican spots, in my opinion. They also have delicious margaritas and queso. I usually get fajitas but also love their Choripollo. Their happy hour is crazy because you can get their appetizers for half off from 4-6pm and they do that for takeout (it's daily). You can also get their margaritas to-go which we often do. They have a sister location in Shadyside called Tocayo which is similar and equally as delicious. 

La Prima Espresso// This is my favorite coffee in all of Pittsburgh. You can stop in a buy a bag of beans for a coffee lover! 

Jade Grill// This is our favorite Chinese. The chicken lo mein is the best I have ever had. They make their noodles homemade in-house! 

Noodlehead// Oh my goodness the pad see ew is one of my favorite things ever. We are also obsessed with their pork buns. 

Poulet Bleu// If you give/get a gift card to Poulet Bleu, wait until you want to eat inside. Their interiors are straight out of a Nancy Meyer's movie. Besides that, they have the most delicious French food. This is one of my favorite date night spots. 

Mineo's Pizza// This is a divisive Pittsburgh topic right here, but I think Mineo's is the best pizza in Pittsburgh! They ship their pizzas, too!

Chikn// The best chicken sandwich, in my opinion. 

Driftwood Oven// Oh my goodness their pizza is amazing. They have so many different kinds but it's really the dough that is a game-changer. 

The Porch// We love The Porch for their brunch. We have never had a single bad thing from The Porch for brunch. Plus, they have two locations! 

Tessaro's//Arguably the best burger in all of Pittsburgh. Plus, it has a very Pittsburgh/hometown vibe that I love so much. 

Nicky's Thai// We love Nicky's! Such a huge menu with so many different options. 

Home// We haven't been to their new location yet, but when it was in Smallman Galley it was our very favorite. So many great homemade meals with updated twists. 

Mediterra Cafe// A new location in Mt. Lebanon just opened and I have already been several times. Their food is absolutely incredible as are their baked goods. So perfect for breakfast or lunch. The interiors are gorgeous and so cozy. 

Iron Born// Their white pie is my absolute favorite. It's Detroit-style pizza so be ready for something a little different, but SO good. 

Walters// This is such a fun spot in the warmer months as they have tons of outdoor space with games and music. Their southern BBQ is also phenomenal. 

Taco Diablo// This is on Beverly in Mt. Lebanon and we love their tacos and I personally love their quesadilla. We get takeout from there a lot and it's always delicious and easy to order a bunch of tacos and share with a group! 

Round Corner Cantina// This is such a cute spot, especially in the summer with their adorable outdoor courtyard. I absolutely love their guacamole and their margaritas. 

I know I am likely forgetting some of my favorites- Pittsburgh has SO many great restaurants and an amazing food scene, so please chime in in the comments below with a favorite restaurant of yours in Pittsburgh and why you love it or your favorite dish from the restaurant! 

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