Sunday, December 13, 2020

Gift Guide: Dick's Sporting Goods

Gift Guide: Dick's Sporting Goods

I hopped on a Zoom call earlier this week with Dick's Sporting Goods which is a nation-wide sporting goods store. It's based here in Pittsburgh so it is very well known here and where we shop for anything sports-related. I have several friends that work at the corporate office! 

I remember calling my fiancé when everything was about to shut down, to run to Dick's Sporting Goods on the way home from work to get dumbells so we could work out from home. I was surprised I even thought of them (Orange Theory really trained me well, ha!!) and in hindsight was so glad he found them because it has made working out from home so much better. Then, this entire summer, my fiancé used their curbside pickup for golf items- he is a golf fanatic!

For my JMU friends, they have so many great JMU apparel options, which is hard to find!! And for my Steelers fans, there are SO many good options, although you all probably know this already! I got my fiancé a Juju Smith-Schuster jersey for Christmas a few years ago from Dick's Sporting Goods! 

The gift guide above is for her and it includes some favorites that I already own and love like the Adidas Ultraboost and Mesh Long Sleeve but it also includes some things on my wish list like this Pullover and these Shorts. I love their Calia by Carrie line. They have well-made workout clothes and they're affordable, too. Plus, the line has a lot of pastels and neutrals, which can be hard to find in athletic clothing- a lot of stuff is so bright neon and I don't love that. 

Gift Guide: Dick's Sporting Goods

My fiancé picked out all of this for me to share with you all! Like my gift guide, some, he has like this Patagonia Vest and Cooler and some he wishes for like this Range Finder and this particular Steelers Jersey

He actually got a Putting Mat mat and chipping net back in March and spent a lot of quarantine down in the basement putting and chipping. Two good items for winter, too, if you live in a cold climate. 

Now, I want to turn our basement into a 'gym'... I already have a bike, which is amazing so I'm dying for a rower or a treadmill so I can do circuits with different machines. This is the brand and a very similar tread to what they use in Orange Theory. It's sooo pricey, but I dream of it, ha! In reality, I really like this one and it's relatively much more affordable. 

The cutoff for free shipping to receive in time for Christmas is this Monday, December 14th! Thank you to Dick's Sporting Goods for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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Jacklyn Guerrera said...

I feel you on the OTF blues!!! I bought the proform smart pro 5000 tread after doing a ton of research. The price isn’t TOO crazy and it’s very similar to the OTF tread, incline, decline (not that OTF does that), bouncy, similar controls and a big monitor! I’ve been using it for 7 months now and have zero regrets!


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