Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Candles I Love To Burn Year Round

I typically burn fall candles and then go right into winter candles September-December. When January rolls around, I retire my seasonal candles and tend to go with more 'seasonless' scents that can be burned year-round. 

I've talked about this before but I am really picky with candles. Everyone's scent preferences are different so this is all so subjective, but I do think this could help for those of you who like a similar scent profile as I do! I wish there were a scratch and sniff option, ha!! 

The words I would use to describe my scent preferences would be woodsy, manly, woody, smokey, warm, musky, fresh, light, sandalwood, citrus, rain. I don't like overly floral scents (I don't love rose, but I do love lavender,) I don't like sweet scents, I don't like anything that smells 'fake' or anything where the scent is so overpowering. 

Instead of trying to describe the scents myself, I figure you all can just click over to the scent to check it out because I am SO bad at describing them. Just know that if they are coming from my recommendation, they have my personal stamp of approval.

Candles I Love To Burn Year Round
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Honorable Mentions:

I shared a Target candle in my roundup, but I am always seeing my favorites go in and out of stock and some of them are never brought back! I typically think Hearth and Hand candles are great, though! It seems like our Target has been really low in stock/picked over entirely in the candle section since March, so it's been slim pickings! 

So many of you recommended Bath and Bodyworks candles to me back in August when I was chatting about fall candles, and I am sad to report that I didn't love any of them. 

I really love Voluspa for another good trusty candle brand. If I'm splurging it's usually Diptyque or Jo Malone. The Wood Sage and Sea salt is one of my most favorite scents of all time. I wear the perfume almost daily, even if I am in sweats or pajamas. It smells incredible and truly so luxurious.

Homegoods is another great spot for candles. My local Homegoods seem to be picked over when it comes to candles, too (similar to Target). But pre-March 2020, they always had the best candles. The thing is, if you find one you love, grab multiples if they have it because I rarely see the same ones again! 

What are your go-to scents that work year round?!

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Kelly C said...

On a day like today, I am so so so appreciative of a candle blog post. Something that lends to the marvelous ordinary of every day life magic. Can't wait to try some of these! :)


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