Thursday, January 21, 2021


Hope you are all having a lovely week!! Mine has been low-key just doing lots of email catch-up, which is always a bit tedious! It was nice and sunny several days this week which is always welcome and puts me in a good mood. I took Henry on several long walks and it always feels so great just to get outside, even if it is cold!! 

I'm planning on going skiing again this weekend. It's supposed to be pretty cold, but it's a good reason to be outside soaking up some vitamin D! 

I'm also planning on baking... WHO AM I?! But my sister made these incredible chocolate chip cookies over Christmas and they were so good, I am going to try and make them. Wish me luck because I'm going to need it. I've never baked anything in my life other than break and bake cookies and boxed brownies, ha!! 

Wearing: I am so glad that J.Crew brought this Sweater back! It's really more of a spring sweater because it is loosely woven and lightweight but the neutral color is my favorite, especially when paired with white jeans! It runs true to size, I am wearing a size small! 

Eating: Trader Joe's has an antipasto salad that is SO good. It's salami, artichokes, olives, red onion, cucumber, and Italian dressing. It is so flavorful and kind of tastes like an Italian hoagie without the bun. YUM! 

Reading: I read this article on the order that you are supposed to apply your makeup. I was so surprised to see eye makeup BEFORE foundation... do any of you do that? I always do foundation first before mascara or anything else! 

Sale: Lots of new markdowns on Nordstrom's website. Quite a few pairs of classic Ugg's on sale... thinking about getting another pair, they're usually what I throw on to walk Henry during the winter months! 

We watched American Murder which is just one long documentary and it was really good. I had never heard about it so I had no idea who did it. It is on Netflix and definitely worth the watch if you like murder mystery docs.

Listening: Kenny G radio on Pandora has been my go-to. It's definitely 'elevator music', but it's just so easy to listen to and very calming! I love it while I work! 

Loving: These are truly one of my most favorite lounge pants ever. I bought one pair this summer on sale and I have since been waiting for them to come back in stock. They are extremely soft, wash well (and easily), and are inexpensive. They don't shrink at all and run pretty true to size. They are very thin, not in a poor quality way but just lighter weight than most of my lounge items so if you are always cold, these will be better when the temps warm up a bit. I have them in navy and white stripe but they now come in this really pretty light blue color. 
Wanting: I didn't find too much this week. We are in that 'awkward' period between after Christmas sales and 'not quite spring'. I do love some of the fun Valentine's stuff I have been seeing, though! 

Smelling: Did you catch yesterday's post where I rounded up some of my favorite candles that I burn year-round

Quoting: 'Be wary of people who constantly keep an eye on what you're doing but never support you.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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Kelly C said...

Had no idea you're suppose to do eyes first, or foundation before concealer. I'm pretty sure the Bobbi Brown lady taught me concealer then foundation/tinted moisturizer. Fascinating! Also looking into those facial pads, love the glycolix ones, but I think I went to strong for my first tub. ha


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