Friday, January 15, 2021

Organization At Home

This is a very unglamorous post, but I truly love the topic: Organization!! I love organizing and enjoy keeping things tidy and neat. Most of our house is pretty organized and orderly, but I hadn't gotten to some of the drawers or our garage yet, so I spent the week between Christmas and New Year's finishing off the organization of our home. It feels so good to be done, but I honestly enjoyed doing it. 

I thought I would break down the items I have ordered for organizing and go through each one with all of you. It's all on Amazon. It was just easy to order from Amazon to begin with but I was also glad I did because I realized I need more as I was going, so it was nice to get everything quickly so I could continue eahc day. 

It's hard to photograph this type of stuff, because to me, the photo above still doesn't look great, but it is so nicely organized for me! This is my bedside drawer. You can see my bathroom organization, here, and I will do a closet post separately because I feel like that's another beast itself. This is mostly for kitchen/office/garage! 

Here is my routine when I'm organizing a space- whether it's as small as a drawer or as large as a closet or garage:

1. Take everything out. 
2. Wipe down the drawer/cabinet
3. Lay it all out so you can see it all. 
4. Get rid of anything you don't need. 
5. Measure the available space. 
6. Decide what organizers will work in that space. 
7. Put everything back in! 

It's honestly so easy, it's just a bit time consuming. I feel good to have purged items and now every time I open a drawer or cabinet, I am happy! 

If you are someone who loses things, I really think organization could be your new best friend. I pretty much know where every single thing in our house is just by memory just because it's all so organized and every single thing has its own place.

Clear Divided Tray// This is the tray you see in the photo above. It's all one piece so you definitely have to measure your drawer to see if this will fit. This worked exactly as I need it, too. It's well made, too. I prefer clear items as I think colored plastic can sometimes end up looking junky. Plus for this specific one, I lined the drawer in an old wallpaper sample so I like seeing it everytime I open the drawer! 
Custom Layout Drawer Organizers// These are my #1 favorite because they come in a bunch of different sizes so you are able to create custom layouts that work for whatever drawer you have. I bought several sets of these because they are modular and work pretty much anywhere. 

Clear Dividers// I bought these specifically to hold all of my stationery. They separate everything nicely and keep things tidy. I've seen people use this kind of thing for clutches or makeup palettes, too. 

Clear Tiered Paper Tray// This is another item I'm using to separate stationery items. This doesn't have to just be used for paper- you could use it to organize magazines or whatever you see fit! 

Extended Shelves// These are great for stacking items. We have a few cabinets where we are able to use these to stack plates. I have a plate collecting 'habit' and this is the only way we are able to store so many plates! These are not the nicest, I want to find something a little 'prettier' but they do the job just fine for now. 

Clear Lazy Susan//I use this specifically for storing Nespresso pods, tea packets, and all of that. It's so nice to be able to see it all and have it turn so I can pick out what I want. You could use this in your refrigerator, too! 

Adjustable Bakeware Rack// This is supposed to be for bakeware, but I use it for large serving platters. I find that when they are stored like this, rather than on top of eachother, I'm able to see them easier but also able to easily pull one out without having to move any of the others. 

Lazy Susan with Grip// I use this for pantry items like olive oil. I like that this one has the grip because some items are tall and tend to topple without the grip! 

Tiered Sliding Baskets// I use these under our sink. They are perfect for holding extra sponges and other cleaning products. I like the tiered design so I am able to use the height of the cabinet, too. 

We have a spacious garage so luckily, we are able to store quite a bit there. We hadn't really paid any attention to this space, but over the past (almost) 2 years, we had just been putting random stuff down there. I did a big clean out and got things organized. I would love a custom organized garage space, but for this, I really wanted to do it with minimal spend. It worked out pretty well. It's not pretty by any means, but it's defintiely much neater and works! 

Shelving Units// I started out with a few of these. They're not huge, but they're great for keeping things organized. I bought these vs. ones that you attach to the walls/ceiling as I thought we might want to bring these with us to use in a future home storage area. They're very sturdy and can hold a ton of weight and really worked with the other organizaitonal items I bought below. 

Clear Open Front Bins// I bought two types of clear bins. Both are the same size but this one has a dipped 'open front'. So we use it for items we might want to grab out of the bin, rather than grabbing the entire bin. Ex. tennis balls, extra sparkling waters, etc.

Clear Storage Bins// I bought these for item's I'd want to store where I might grab the entire bin. For example, I ended up putting all of my wrapping supplies into clear bins. I separated it all out into holiday and year round. It holds things like ribbon, tissue, etc. So when I need to wrap a gift, I can just pull out the entire bin to wrap the gift. 

Wall Mount Organizer// This is great for holding things like brooms and shovels. We literally just had them all leaning in the corner so even this little 'fix' was a big improvement. 

Gift Wrap Bin// I had a different gift wrap organizer but it started to overflow so I went with this bin, which basically looks like a hamper you might have used in a college dorm room. It holds a LOT of gift wrap and tucks away nicely. 

Ornament Storage// I've shared this one with you all but this is just so great. It's so easy to put this on a shelf and know the ornaments are safe and stowed away. 

Wreath Storage// I just got this one and it is HUGE. You can fit way more than a wreath in it so I ended up putting our garland in there, too, and I really like it more than a big tupperware container. 

Clear Boxes// These are great because you can stack them. They are clear so you can easily see what is inside. They're pretty large so they hold a ton. They have a gasket closure so it protects items from air/bugs/water/dirt/etc. I keep Christmas decor in these. They look nice and uniform if you have a lot of them all stacked together. They're a little 'expensive' as far as plastic storage bins go, but they are really nice and sturdy. 
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Unknown said...

Amazing!! I love your posts. Thank you!

Adrianna Cacciato said...

Love this post! I have been organizing a lot recently as well. Love your idea of using the wallpaper sample to line the drawer!

Hillary said...

What do you use to store your napkins, placemats, etc ? I know you've shown it before but I can't find it now


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