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Valentine's Day Tablescape Inspiration

Valentine's Day Tablescape Inspiration
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With not having much on the calendar, I've been finding myself getting even more excited about holidays- even the 'little' ones. I'm not a huge 'Valentine's person' but this year, I'm a little more excited and willing to embrace the festive red and pink colors and hearts everywhere. It's something to look forward to!

As of right now, we are cooking at home. We have had way too many crazy mishaps in the past few years with going out to dinner (and even with takeout)... so many, it's at the point of comical!!! So we have learned our lesson and will be cooking. I *think* we are going to attempt making lobster rolls. I'm not sure what we will have as our sides, but for dessert, I'm going to make the copycat Levain cookies that my sister made over Christmas. I'm actually doing a trial run today because I literally have never baked a day in my life. My mom is going to help me, haha!! 

Anyway, we are just about 3 weeks away from the holiday and I have started brainstorming fun tablescape ideas! I've mentioned this before, but setting a table is a fun creative outlet for me. It's really relaxing, there is no pressure, and overall, it's just something I really enjoy. 

I've been browsing around the internet for inspiration so I thought I would pull a few things together in case you are decorating a Valentine's Day table, too! 

My one tip for holidays like these is that you truly do not have to buy all new plates or really anything to create something festive. We registered for the plain white Wedgwood Nantucket basket dinner plates because they are a blank canvas. I find them SO easy to decorate around. Because they are bone china, they still feel 'fancier', but the basketweave texture lends a casual feel, too. I like that they do not have any metallic on them so they are both dishwasher and microwave-safe.

So with that said, I'm going to design a table around the Nantucket Basket dinner plates! That way, if you have mostly white plates, you can use this as inspiration! I always think meals look best on white plates, too, as the food really pops (but still can't resist printed dishware, too). 

I'm also focusing mostly on pastel pink because you can use pink items a lot outside of Valentine's Day! It works really nicely all spring/summer and even in fall. This floral tablecloth is the perfect example, you can definitely style it for Valentine's Day but use it all spring/summer long, too!

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Kelly C said...

Love your table scapes! I purchased a red table cloth at Christmas to work for both Christmas and Valentine's. What would be your recommendations for those still in a tiny apartment waiting to move into a home in the future? I want to collect tablescape items but hesitate because I have no storage!


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