Friday, February 19, 2021

Getting Dressed Brings Me Joy

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Back in high school and college, I got dressed every single day for class. Not because that was the norm but because I always wanted to. In college, especially, I always lived by the motto 'dress well, test well'. I truly believe in that mentality to this day. When I am dressed in what I personally feel good in, I feel more confident and in turn, feel that it helps me to perform better and enjoy whatever task is at hand. 

I've learned a lot about myself over the past year big and small- I'm sure many of you feel that same way about yourself. Although frivolous, this year has solidified the fact that I truly enjoy dressing up and getting 'ready' each day. 

Don't get me wrong, I love pajamas, sweatpants, slippers, and robes. There is truly comfort in those pieces and oftentimes I feel good fully embracing that comfort- especially in the colder winter months! I've had many a day in the past year where I switch from pajamas to sweats and back to pajamas again. But, truthfully, I feel more myself when I am dressed in an outfit that makes me feel put-together. I feel ready to take on the day, even if I'm just sitting in my house. 

I know for certain that if I'm having a bad day or even just an 'off' day that if I take the time to get dressed, it makes me feel better, too. I can truly feel the shift in my mood. 

I am not the most creative person. But back in March/April when I wasn't getting dressed as often or putting together outfits for trips and events, I felt creatively stunted (I still have those days!!). It took me a while to realize why that was. I found other ways to channel that creativity- hence all of the fun tablescapes I have shared over the last year! I took to paint by numbers (no, seriously) and that was fun, I enjoyed taking care of a few plants (my basil was something I was so proud of HAH!), but after a few months, at the end of the day, I realized what I was really missing was putting together outfits. 

I think some of you also must be feeling this way in terms of putting together outfits, too. When I asked you all for requests for content in March, I was truly surprised to see that many of you wanted to see 'good old-fashioned outfit posts'. I was excited to hear that and also in that I was not alone in longing for fashionable, put-together outfits! 

I started Summer Wind back in 2009 because I wanted to share and chat about fashion. It has always been an interest of mine. I remember clipping things out of magazines when I was in early high school and hanging them up on a bulletin board in my room. My sister brought up Polyvore- do you guys remember that? I used to LOVE putting together outfits on that platform!!

Fashion and getting dressed and sharing outfits is something I enjoy. It is something that makes me happy. I've always known that but it has taken some time this year for me to really figure out how much it means to me. 

Although fashion can often be seen as frivolous to many, I am a big believer that nothing is silly or dumb if it brings you joy and happiness...especially during this past year. That's really the real message that I wanted to share today. For you, it doesn't have to be getting dressed but it's just knowing those little things you can do during the mundane days that make you feel like yourself or pull you out of a little funk. Because truly, over this past year, there have been many days where I have not been inspired and have not felt like myself. It's hard to stay positive and excited and inspired when the days run together- it can feel mundane and just plain dull! I am just so glad to know of little things that are sure to cheer me up and get me back to 'myself'. 

Over this year, I've learned to take any little dose of happiness I can get. So I will continue to get dressed more often than not. Not for the internet, not for my family or friends or neighbors, but for me! The outfit shot I am sharing at the top of this post was taken this past weekend on a day where I had literally nothing planned but to go to the grocery store. But I said you know what, I'm putting on something cute! 

I'm wondering if there are things like this that you know bring you joy and instantly make you feel like yourself? I'd love to know! Another one of mine is skiing. I really feel alive when I am skiing! A few more: creating tablescapes, exercising, practicing gratitude, wrapping gifts, creating/fine-tuning a great playlist, arranging flowers, and (no surprise here) cleaning/organizing. I'm sure there are more but those are what I can think off of the top of my head. 


Maureen said...

This is a beautiful post and I can totally agree. The last year has been tough on so many of us and it's amazing at how the little things that we find joy in can really pick up our moods. I love handbags and I actually started just putting a bag in front of me every day on my desk. Looking at it, gives me a sense of joy. I know it sounds silly but it really does make me happy. So yes to doing those things we love for ourselves!

Maureen |

Kelly C said...

Very well said my friend. I enjoy your outfits, they always inspire me to put my best foot forward. Carly Riordan has been posting her outfits weekly and I love it, its like the old fashioned, whats inside your bag type post. And honestly, I think the fashion industry is leaning too far into the at home leisure style, some of us never stopped going into the office and still have to be put together every day. 🙋🏼‍♀️

Some little things I'm loving: baking, researching road trips, exercising, and needlepointing has been recent! 😊

Anonymous said...

This hit home really hard for me! I'm in my final year of law school and I was always dressed up because it made me feel happy, confident, and myself. I tried really hard to keep it up through the spring and summer, but the fall and winter have done me in--I don't feel like me in leggings, but I've been struggling with the will to put on real clothes when its -2 out and I just sit in my apartment all day. This post makes me feel recognized and inspired to put the effort in, for myself!

Thank you!

Emily G. said...

So beautifully said! Thank you for sharing with us. I agree, getting dressed up puts me in a totally different mindset than not doing so! Makes such a difference!

Emily G.

PreMed Wears Pearls said...

Aw, I really love this Sydney! I really feel the same way about getting ready every day. My motto was the same throughout college and grad school about dress well, test well :) I really struggled at the beginning of quarantine last year because I ended up quarantining far away from my closet with only a suitcase packed with things for a few was hard without real clothes haha. I try to get dressed and ready every day, and it really just makes my everyday experiences much more elevated! You are not alone in this haha!! Great post, girl!


Deborah said...

I have not been wearing my Hermès scarves which I have collected for years! So I have been making the effort to style them and use my scarf rings ( I have a nice and varied collection most of which I purchased thru Mai Tai blog. I also use her app called Scarf Art which has an extensive tutorial on all kinds of knots!) it takes some effort to watch and learn all the knots but what else am I doing? So that’s one thing that brings me joy- wearing and styling my scarves in creative ways.


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