Thursday, February 18, 2021


Can you believe there are only 10 days left of February?! I am ready for March and hopefully, slightly warmer/sunnier weather.

I cannot tell you how much I miss taking Henry on long walks around our neighborhood. Of course I walk him now but our walks are much shorter and I am wearing alll of the layers. I so look forward to being able to step outside with him and not bundled up! The long walks with him always make me feel so at peace and calm! 

This week I got a new iPhone. I had the XS Max and honestly really liked it and never felt any rush to upgrade. Well, my phone took a dive off of our kitchen island, and I guess hit just at right speed and angle to completely shatter both the front and back of the phone. So I ordered the 12 Pro Max and set it up on Tuesday. I know the camera is supposed to be a lot better, which I am excited about, but honestly it feels a just like my old phone!

I also started to get some new thing in for spring which really got me excited in terms of wearing cute outfits for warmer weather! 

Wearing: My favorite lightweight lounge pants are BACK! And they now come in such a pretty pale blue! They are so soft and comfortable but thin/lightweight so they are perfect in the warmer months when you have the air conditioning on. Love them so much! They run true to size (but a nice roomy true to size). 

Eating: Pickles are one of my very favorite foods ever. If you had me choose between a pickle and a brownie, 9/10 I would choose pickles. Oh Snap pickes (the ones that come in pouches) are my very favorite pickles... but a new contender just popped up on my radar. I saw them at Target the other day and they just looked good so I had to get them. The brand is called Grillos and I got the dill pickle chips. They are SO fresh tasting and have a nice crunch to them. 10/10 recommend. 
Sale: LK Bennett is having a huge sale. Their pieces are like my ideal wardrobe- very prim and ladylike styles and always well-made. I can't get over how low some of the prices are!! 

Sale II: Vineyard Vines is having a big sale! So many great items and big markdown. I love this neutral cashmere sweater (looks so much like La Ligne) and this eyelet maxi is stunning. 

We watched The Cecil Hotel documentary on Netflix. For about 2.5 episodes, it was really good, but then it kind of went down hill from there. We still watched the entire thing, though! I also watched the third To All the Boys I've Loved (also Netflix) and it was so cute- simiar vibe to the other two.. this one had a very predictable plot line, though. We had a big TV watching week/weekend- we also started Yellowstone (Peacock) and we can't seem to get into it! We have heard rave reviews, though, so we are going to keep giving it a chance! 
Wanting: I am really not into the puffy/frilly sleeve trend, however, this is one top with some big sleeves that I would make an exception for. It comes in several color options and I love each one!! I also absolutely love these gold rope sandals- kind of Hermes-esque but the gold is just so fun! 

Pittsburgh: It's officially lent and that means FISH FRY TIME! I love a good fish fry and you do not have to be religious at all to get food! Here's the list
Smelling: I got this candle at Target the other day and it smells SO good. It's like woodsy and cozy without being heavy. Amazing for only $20! 

Quoting: 'Growth is growth no matter how small.' // See more of my favorites, here. 


Suburban prep said...

The joggers look great. I might have to venture into The Gap when I am near it next.
QVC has a pair of pants similar to them from a company called Anybody. I do not know the fit but I thought they would be a good alternative if one can not find at the Gap.
Thank you for picturing them and the link. So cute.

Katie Waldron said...

Love your sweater! I think somewhere I saw you said it was RL -- do you have the name of it? I'd love to set an alert as I bought the joggers and would want to find it somewhere (even if used!). So pretty!


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