Monday, February 8, 2021

My Most Worn Sunglasses

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There is no doubt that Pittsburgh is majorly gray during the winter months. So I was thrilled last week when we got a few sunny days and I was able to pull out my sunglasses... they were basically collecting dust as we had so many gray days! 

Over the years, I have collected many pairs of sunglasses but there are 4 pairs I have been rotating through the most. Two of those pairs are easily my most worn sunglasses in the past 10 years! 

Sunglasses are one of those things that can skew trendy as there are few pairs of truly classic sunglasses. Sometimes I look back on photos from 10 or 15 years ago and I see myself or others in a classic outfit, but sometimes it is the sunglasses that date the photo. 

To keep from looking back and thinking 'oh gosh those sunglasses, ick' I recommend finding something that really fits your face well. Just like glasses, sunglasses are hard to shop for because you really have to find something that works for your face and personal style. I think the better sunglasses fit your face, the less likely they are to look dated in a few years! 

These are my newest favorite pair. They are always selling out but they come in black and tortoise and a bunch of different colors. They are affordable and of such great quality. They have a really nice crisp lens. I love tortoise and this is a nice deep tortoise color. They are very oversized in a chic Jackie O way and I love them! 

In my opinion, these are a timeless classic for both men and women. I have had them for almost 10 years. The tortoise with the gold and green lens is the *most* timeless. They make several different sizes for men and women so you can get the perfect fit. the lens is nice on this but I do wish it brightened things up a bit! 

This is another forever classic, specific in the gold frames and green lenses. I don't often wear metal frames but these are just so good. For me, I also really like the gold and green with my skin- I think it adds a bit of warmth! 

This is one of the few pairs of black sunglasses that I own as I sometimes feel that black is a bit harsh with my skin tone, but the matte finish on these makes them feel a little more understated! This is one of those pairs that, for me, just fit my face nicely. I also really like the lens on these, they don't make things look 'dark'. They no longer make this style so I am linking to eBay for these!

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