Monday, February 15, 2021

Statement Earring Organization

Statement Earring Organization

In an effort to organize all. the. things. I have now organized my earrings... very specific! I am someone who, for the most part, wears diamond or pearl studs. I just prefer the simplicity of simple, small studs. However, over the years I have amassed a ton of statement earrings. 

Statement Earring Organization
I had always stored my earrings in these lucite boxes. They work out nicely because they keep them from dust but I can also see what my options are. However, the box was getting too full and therefore, it took me minutes to find a match when I would be getting ready. 

So then I ordered this flat, hanging organizer. It works SO WELL for my earrings! I definitely wouldn't put any fine jewelry in this organizer, but for fashion jewelry, this is truly a game-changer. I like being able to see all of my options, this takes up virtually no space and there is plenty of room to grow as the other side also has pockets. Going through all of my earrings was great, too, because I got rid of soooo many pairs I no longer wear. 

I think this type of organizer is great if you live in a small apartment with minimal storage space and countertops. It's funny because this is such a simple and inexpensive switch but it made a world of a difference for me in terms of getting ready and the fact that this created more drawer space for me! 

This past year has really been a huge year of organization and tidying and I have fully embraced it. I've found cleaning and organizing is something that truly makes me happy (as odd as that sounds) and always get excited when I find such a simple and inexpensive fix! 

I'd love to know if you have found any really simple and useful organizing items or tips? Part of the fun of organizing is sharing! 


Maureen said...

In the same vein as the earring situation - I also use these organizers - I put a hanging shoe bag on the back of my linen closet door. It's perfect for hair products, spare toothbrushes etc. You can see everything and it's right at hand!

Anonymous said...

I love Maureen's idea and I love this earring organizer! I have so many of my Mimi's earrings that echo the statement earrings that we wear today. Awesome post!


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