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The Best Moisturizers for Your Hands

The Best Moisturizers for Your Hands
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It seems like every week here has been starting off cold and snowy! This winter we have had a lot more snow than in the past several years and with the cold temperatures, the air is SO DRY. It's like my skin can't get enough moisture!! Last week I shared my favorite moisturizing lip products so this week I'm sharing some of my favorite hydrating and moisturizing products for my hands!

The Best Moisturizers for Your Hands

Udderly Smooth// This was a find from my fiancĂ©. To be totally honest, I would have never given this a chance if I saw it in the store based on the name, haha!! However, this stuff is amazing!! It has a slightly different texture than traditional moisturizer and when you apply it on your hands, it dries and sinks in almost immediately. This is what I use if I'm on the go or need to touch something immediately afterward like my phone or computer. It's hydrating but not the absolute best, but if you remember to apply often, it makes such a difference. The selling point with this one (at least for me) is how quickly it dries! It is also really inexpensive! 

Moroccan Oil// I've been using this for many years. The brand sent me a press packaged a long time ago and I've repurchased each time I run out. The scent is the classic, wonderful Moroccan Oil scent and it's so moisturizing. I find it a little slow to sink in so I typically reserve this before bed. The scent is also calming. The formula feels lightweight which is another thing I like and what sets itself apart from a lot of other moisturizers. If you felt it for the first time, you might think it wouldn't be super moisturizing, but it totally is! 

Hand Relief// This is the classic Aveda smell and for me, it's really energizing. I like to put this on in the morning as I'm drinking my coffee. The scent is like aromatherapy and makes me excited for the day. This also takes a little time to sink and the feeling of it is very heavy and thick. Once it sinks in, it doesn't leave an oily residue or anything but this isn't something I'd apply when out and about.

Dry and Brittle Nail Strengthener// This is a great product for bare nails. It just looks like you have clear nail polish on them. If I know I am going to get a manicure later in the week, I will apply this all week and I feel like my nails end up being in the best shape for a manicure. 

Cuticle Oil// This is a holy grail product for me. I have tried a lot of cuticle oils and I love this. It doesn't have much of a scent and it rubs in so nicely and truly makes a big difference in my cuticles. This dries/sinks in pretty quickly, too. I typically do this right before bed before hand moisturizer. 

Shea Butter// I've been using this since high school. It has a 'powdery' scent to it that skews nostalgia for me. It is SO moisturizing. It definitely takes a bit to sink in but if your hands are really in trouble, this will solve the issues. I keep a small size in my bag at all times (especially in the winter months). The scent is very 'neutral' so even my fiancĂ© loves this. I also love the lavender scent. It's pretty strong but soothing and smells very natural- could be a great option for nighttime since lavender is known to be calming. I also feel like the tube/branding is very chic if that matters! 

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Laura Baker Busic said...

My holy grail hand cream from the drugstore is the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, you have to try it! It's usually around $3.50 and SO good for the price, it's thick so it's good for nighttime but I use it whenever.


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