Friday, February 26, 2021

The Little Things IV

La vie est faite de petits bonheurs. That's a French saying that roughly means 'life is made of little moments of happiness. I've always loved this phrase and it is something I think about often- even more so now than ever before. 

Back in 2014, I wrote a post of my little things' and every few years I'll publish a new list. I haven't published a new one since 2019 so I figured it was time. I went back and read 2014, 2016, and 2019, and reading them brought smiles to my face. 

If you are new here, these lists are incredibly random filled with tiny little moments that happen in everyday life that provide me with happiness and joy. Hopefully, this will guide you into your weekend with a smile on your face, too, and if you feel so inclined, share a little happiness in the comments! 

The shine from the wood floors after they have been freshly mopped. 

The hum of the dishwasher in a silent kitchen after your dinner party guests have gone home. 

Laughing so hard you cry. 

Freshly pressed napkins. 

When the light is *just right* for a magical photo. 

The first time you are able to open your sunroof in a long time. 

Emptying the Dyson vacuum and being equally grossed out and satisfied at the same time. 

When you hit the flower jackpot at the grocery store. 

The warmth from seat heaters in your car. 

Freshly cleaned jewelry sparkling in the sun. 

At Orange Theory when they say 'last all out of the day, empty your tank'. 

Finding a really good candle at Target. 

When the mailman gives Henry a treat. 

The second after you finishing washing, blow-drying, and styling your hair. The work is done. 

When you recognize someone's handwriting on a card you get in the mail. 

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies from our generous neighbors. 

A gift from someone special that says 'I really know you'. 

Watching bubbles dance in a glass of champagne. 

No line at Trader Joe's. 

Hands being warmed from a hot mug of tea after being out in the snow. 

When you wake up just before your alarm. 

A bagel the morning after a night of a few too many cocktails. 

The smell of a blown-out match.

When Bruster's has my favorite flavor. 

A spritz of Jo Malone Wood Sage and Seasalt, even if in sweats. 

Weekend coffee delivered to my bedside. 

When your gas tank says '0' and you make it to the pump just in time. 

The green blanket. 

Henry watching me pull out of our driveaway from the window. 

Finally finding a pair of sneakers that are a perfect fit. 

When you are in your car in the winter and it's cold outside but you can feel the warmth from the sun radiating through the window. 

When your steak is cooked to perfection. 

When Christmas catalogs start arriving in the fall. 

Extra dirty martini at a swanky bar with blue cheese olives and ice crystals.

Looking around a room filled with all of your loved ones and thinking 'how lucky am I'?... I cannot wait to be in filled rooms again.

Costco trips. 

When you shave your legs after a few days of neglect. 

The click-clack of Henry's paws trotting around on the hardwood floor. 

Pittsburgh unfolding as you drive out of the Fort Pitt tunnels. 

The contentment of a snow day when you have nowhere to be. 

The 'hurt so good' soreness the day after a really hard workout. 


Sharon said...

Here's another little thing: reading someone's list of little things and feeling your mood lift.

Karen said...

My husband warming up the car for me even though it is in a garage!
My dogs contented noises and naps after they been fed and walked in the morning
Living in a democracy


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