Monday, March 22, 2021

Kitchen Lighting

Today we are chatting about home decor. One day earlier this month I got this random idea in my head that I wanted to put sconces in above our big kitchen window. Under the window, there is some counter space on either side of the sink. We have ceiling can lights all throughout our home, but I loathe ceiling lighting. I much prefer lamp light so our ceiling lights almost never get used. However, in the kitchen, we really have to use the overhead lights because there is not enough room for lots of lamps.

Even with the ceiling light, there is somewhat of a 'dead space' near the kitchen window/countertops where it just doesn't get great light, even with the ceiling lights on. It has always bothered me but I didn't really think there was a fix and I really don't know how I didn't think to have sconces installed before! I am not trying to spend much on updates for this house (as I've mentioned before), so I was glad to know that having these sconces installed was really not very expensive.  

Right now, above the window, I have blue plates hung in a line so those will be taken down and 3 sconces will be installed. It's going to be a bit of a lift because drywall has to be removed and new wires and all of that have to be put in and I guess the window is something that makes things a little more time-consuming. Not quite sure of all the technicalities but I am excited anyway! 

I will share before and after photos in a separate post once it's all done! 

So, once this idea popped into my head, I took to Pinterest to find what I was picturing in my head. Sure enough, in true Pinterest fashion, there were lots of beautiful inspiration photos. I am going to share some of them with you today that gave me the push to hire an electrician and have it done! You can see my Pinterest home board, here.

I started to look for sconces and there are SO many to choose from, it was so overwhelming. However, at first, I wasn't taking into account that I would need them delivered within a maximum of 3 weeks from when I ordered. That cut down my options hugely! Whoops. But it all worked out and I love the sconces that I chose... I will share the in the before and after post so everything is all in one place! 

They will get installed next week and I am so excited to see the finished product! We had to hire a separate guy to repair the drywall and all of that, so hopefully, all goes smoothly and if it does, I will also be happy to share the contacts with anyone locally in Pittsburgh! Not only do I think this will be so nice to have this extra lighting in the kitchen, but I also think it will look visually appealing! Stay tuned! 

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