Thursday, March 25, 2021


This was a slow week and not really the best, but oh well- we did have nice weather! This past weekend, I was excited about a fun estate sale find that I brought home- a chest and I immediately started to fill it with entertaining items like my napkins! I love to collect cloth napkins. This piece is now in the area where we had our bar cabinet and we moved that onto the opposite wall and it really changed up how the space felt... kind of like a whole new room, ha! But now I need to figure out how to style this, I really have no idea what to do... I ordered a lamp so I'll see how that works out. It's not really the tabletop of it that I am having trouble envisioning, but it's the wall above it- I am never good at knowing what to hang on the walls! 

This past weekend we also cleared out the garage and finally donated and trashed a bunch of things that had been sitting there for a while. It also feels like an entirely new garage, ha!! 

I was also able to take quite a few outfit photos this week since we had such nice weather. Finally!! The only thing I don't love about spring in Pittsburgh is that it takes quite a while for things to turn green and bloom. A lot of outdoor photos right now just look so drab with all the brown still out there. I cannot wait for things to start blooming and leaves to start popping up on the trees! 
Wearing: I just got this skort and oh my goodness it is SO nice. Well made in a nice thick terrycloth cotton fabric. It has shorts underneath. I got a small and it fits true to size. It's like lounge/athleisure but looks so cute and definitely does not look like you are wearing lounge or athletic clothes! 
Eating: A salmon wrap and caesar side salad from The Porch... they have great food if you are in the Pittsburgh area! 

Drinking: I posted my 'lightened up' margarita recipe on Reels last Friday. Do you all like reels on Instagram? I think they are fun, but I personally prefer Instastories! 

Reading: Pet-friendly planting ideas... you guys, I had NO Idea boxwoods were dangerous to pets! This article was eye-opening. We have boxwoods all over! Henry has never shown any interest in them, which makes me feel a bit better, but I still worry! Hydrangeas are even on the list- I grew them last summer and again, Henry had no interest in them, but I'm glad to be aware of this now! I did know about Lily of the Valley and Poinsetta. I was actually wanting to do a Lily of the Valley nosegay as my bridal bouquet, but once I read that it is toxic to dogs, I changed it!

Sale: I really love these Jackie sandals- I bought a pair on sale and they are still on sale. They're a little different than the traditional Jack Rogers sandals and, dare I say, I think I like them more!! They're just a good, neutral sandal you can wear with everything! 

Have you all seen a good movie lately? We haven't watched anything good lately and I cannot remember the last time we watched a really good movie! 
Wanting: I didn't spot too much this week. I look forward to April as retailers release more warm-weather dress options. I want to wear a dress basically every day of the summer! 

Pittsburgh: Did you all see Gi-jin is finally opening downtown! I love gin and love sushi so this seems right up my alley! 

Smelling: I'm not normally a honeysuckle fan, but this is one of my favorite spring scents. It's so light and fresh and not overly floral! 

Quoting: 'If you judge people, you have no time to love them.'- Mother Theresa // See more of my favorites, here. 


Kelly C said...

I can't wait for more swimsuits to be released. We got a boat this year, and were headed to Mexico in July, so I'm eyeing all the flowy dresses and fun swim suits!

Ann@Virginiarosa said...

Show you estate sale chest, PLEASE!!!

Miranda said...

Maybe a mirror of some type for over your new chest. They always add light into a room. Also, you can never go wrong with botanicals. Possibly a group of them. It’s full on spring here in The Deep South! Everything is in full bloom. Sooo beautiful! The trade off is the heat comes much earlier here and stays longer. Happy Weekend!


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