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Getting Rid of Dog Hair In Your Home

Getting Rid of Dog Hair In Your Home
Getting Rid of Dog Hair In Your Home
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We are heading into summertime soon and one of the ways I am well aware of this fact is that Henry is shedding like CRAZY! As a breed, Australian Cattle dogs are known to shed a ton, but it's truly remarkable when the cold weather starts to change to warmer. 

It's just an aspect we live with. We love Henry and since I grew up with an Australian Cattle dog, I knew what to expect. Our home will never be perfectly spotless because of his shedding, although I do really try to keep it spotless!

I thought I would share some ways I maintain our home to keep the hair at bay. Although the things I am about to share help a ton, I think my biggest tip would be to clean every day. I know some of you are thinking that is nuts, but I am often asked how I keep the hair off of our white bed and all of that, and the truth is that when Henry has a big shedding season, I maintain every. single. day. 

I feel like I have ordered every de-shedding tool and lint roller on the market and these are some of my favorites. You definitely don't need them all but I do find that some are better than others depending on the surface you are working with. 

I also recommend testing things out in a small patch on fabrics and all of that to see if it will work on your fabrics and floors and even on your pet! Everyone is different so this is what works for me, but may not be best for you, especially if your dog has very different hair than mine! Henry's hair is straight and short. He has a double coat and he doesn't get haircuts or anything like that.  

Microfiber Cloths// These are what I use to dust with. They pick up a ton of dust and hair naturally without using products. I find that they work best on wood furniture and I prefer this over Swiffer dusters. 

Grooming Rake// This is good at getting the top layer of fur off of Henry and keeping his coat neat and shiny. He absolutely loves being raked, ha!! 

Extra Sticky Lint Roller// Sometimes this is the ONLY thing that will work on things like black sweaters. I mostly use it for clothing. 

Furzoff// Ok this thing is AMAZING. I really only use it in my car. I have the rubber weather mats year-round, but there is carpet underneath those and I find it SO HARD to get the hair of the car carpets. This is truly the only item I have ever found to work so well. I also really only use it in my car because it's not really gentle so I'd be worry to use it on upholstery. 

Reusable Lint Brush// I use this daily on our bed. We like percale bedding and sheets and so the hair doesn't really stick to the fabric, it just kind of lays there and this is like a magic wand and picks it right up. I do this daily right after I made the bed! 

Sticky Roller// Sometimes the reusable lint rollers won't pick all of it up so I find sometimes I have to use this as a secondary measure. 

Roller// This is similar to the reusable lint brush I use but I don't like to use it on our bed- I find a wand works better on the bed vs this roller, however, this roller works best on furniture. I use it on our upholstered chairs, our headboard, and so much more. It works well on clothing, but I truly think a sticky roller is the best when it comes to clothing. 

Travel Lint Roller// The perfect size for in my handbag and in the car, it's probably the least effective item out of this entire list, but it's necessary. 

Dyson Stick Vac// This picks up SO much hair, it's insane. Henry's in the shedding period where I am vacuuming at minimum every other day if not daily and this vacuum is just so convenient. 

Deshedding Tool// My thought process is to try and get the hair in the grooming rake and de-shedding tool BEFORE it gets onto our furniture and carpets and all of that. I regularly brush him and have been really trying to stay on top of it! 

Dawn Dish Soap// Just like human hair, dog hair can be oily so if there is a spot your pup typically lays and he sheds a ton, your fabrics can start to turn dingy. I use a TINY (like minuscule) drop of Dawn dish soap on the affected area and run it through the wash regularly and it usually clears right up. 

Magic Eraser// This is what I use for the baseboards. I use the Magic Eraser to pick up the dog hair that accumulates and then follow with a dry microfiber cloth to get anything left behind. The baseboards drive me nuts and are such a pain to do, but well worth it!

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