Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Amazon Prime Day Picks

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I was not expecting much for this year's Amazon Prime Day and was not planning on doing this post, but after I've done some browsing, I'm pretty darn impressed with the selection and deals! I haven't really ordered a ton as I don't need much, but there are definitely a lot of items that I have ordered in the past few months and years that are worth highlighting. My full roundup of products is down below and you can see my storefront, here

The products are really random, but they're worth checking out! 

I think the most random item that I ordered are these biker shorts. I caved. I realllllly wasn't on board with the biker shorts trend, but at under $20, I figured why not give it a try! I ordered a Sloppy Joe's sweatshirt in white a few weeks ago and am still anxiously awaiting its arrival. The sweatshirt is bright white and I think paired with the navy biker shorts, it could actually end up being a cute look... I may be speaking too soon here, though. HA! Anyway, these bike shorts have a crazy amount of good reviews so fingers crossed! 

I also ordered these sunglasses... they were under $15. I prefer my 'nicer' sunglasses but I like to keep an extra pair of cheap sunglasses in my car and beach/pool tote as kind of a 'just in case' type thing!

I restocked these glycolic pads that I use every single night. I love them. It looks like they just got rebranded. It's not like you save a ton of money with these, but I go through them quickly so I was happy to save a few dollars. They truly minimize my pores!  

This is the mattress cover on our bed. I love it. We added a cover to extend the longevity of our mattress. I did a ton of research to find one that was affordable (I couldn't believe the cost of some mattress covers) and that was high quality and comfortable. This one is 100% cotton. A lot of the cheap ones, are made of synthetics which is what makes you hot when you sleep so I was so excited to find something so affordable with 100% cotton. We got down alternative because I have had down mattress covers in the past and I have been able to feel the feathers through the sheets and I didn't like that. This cover is SO soft and fluffy and really adds a luxe layer. 

My fiancĂ© has this massage gun and loves it. For Prime Day, it's over half off which is a huge savings. It's a great gift idea for anyone that complains of sore muscles or who is super active. 

I ordered these undereye patches for my mom, sister, and I to use on my wedding day. These truly depuff tired eyes. I keep mine in the refrigerator for an extra dose of cooling. 

I also have this wireless fan. I was worried I would be hot getting ready on our wedding day, so I figured this might help! Some of you said you put this on your baby's stroller or on your Peloton bike! My parents just bought one after seeing me post about it (haha!!) because they said they want to hang it on their outdoor umbrella for a cool breeze on hot nights. For such a small fan it really is quite powerful. 

We have this gold floor lamp in our living room and it's great. It looks like a lamp Ballard Designs sells, but this one costs a lot less. I ended up ordering a Ballard Designs shade to spruce it up a bit and it looks great! 

The toothpaste I just wrote about on Friday is included. I've really been loving it.

We love our Roomba robot vacuum. It's the only thing that keeps me sane with all of Henry's shedding!

I bought this case for our Nintendo Switch. If you have a long car ride and need a break, this is fun to play! I seriously love Mario Kart, haha!!

Our car hammock seat cover is included. This is a pricier car hammock so for it to go on sale is great. It's so hard to find a hammock that is tan but this one is amazing quality! 

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