Thursday, June 24, 2021


Holy cow, what a WEEK! Is it Friday, yet?! I've been dealing with car issues the past two weeks and the entire situation has been a real comedy of errors. Thankfully, my car is fixed and I just have to take it in once more next week and all should be good. Phew.

I've been absolutely slammed with work. It's like all is chugging along in a nice even flow, and BAM! Don't get me wrong, I love to be busy, and this is all good, but sometimes it can get overwhelming! It was one of those weeks where I'd cross off something on my to-do list but add 2 more! 

With that said, I have not taken nary an iPhone photo this week. My view has mostly been that of a computer screen! The photo above is a firework shot from our fun night at the Pirate game. I love when it is fireworks night- it was one of those perfect classic summer nights. 

We are doing the application interview to get our marriage license this weekend! They do it on Zoom now which is actually really benefitting us because we will be in North Carolina anyway, ha! I guess then they send us the actual marriage license a few days later. Crazy exciting to me because last time, we applied but didn't make it any further than that before we had to postpone!

Eating: This Mediterranean meatball recipe is on my list of things to make for dinner. YUM! 

Drinking: Have you guys heard of Waterdrop? I tried it after an Orange Theory class the other day and loved it! It's this tiny little square of powder you can put in your water and it is flavored... it's designed so you drink more water. It's calorie-free and sugar-free and has vitamins in it. Delicious. Like a little stronger than a LaCroix taste, but it tastes natural, not fake. Apparently, you can put it in sparkling water, too. I am going to get try that out! 

Sale: I usually buy my cashmere in the summertime because that's when it goes on sale- oftentimes, even the most classic pieces. Case-in-point, one of my most favorite cashmere sweaters of all time is on sale in all colors. Like major sale!!! I wear a size small. It's oversized and so luxurious. There are actually quite a few gorgeous Vince sweaters deeply discounted. Very worth the browse! I really like this neutral funnel neck textured sweater

 Ok 90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After is my jam right now. It is such a trainwreck but I cannot look away! It's one of those things you can put on in the background while you are working and don't have to pay attention too much. It's on TLC. Other than that, we haven't watched much lately. I've been hearing good things about Manifest on Netflix, so we might try that next when we have time to watch something! 

Listening: I've been really into the Sirius radio Sinatra station (it's channel 71). Since I've had to be in my car driving back and forth from car place to car place, I've had a lot of time to listen, ha!!! 

Loving: This gold trio bracelet gives me Bulgari vibes for WAY less. I'm not a huge fashion jewelry person but I really love this look for (way) less!! 

 How adorable is this navy and white swimsuit?! I'm also thinking of ordering this to wear for our wedding week since we have a few lunches/dinners. 

Pittsburgh: We had such a fun time at Revel and Roost last Friday night. I had never been before and we weren't planning on going in, but we heard great live reggae music from outside so we went in and had the best time! We didn't eat- just cocktails but they were really great. 

Traveling: We are off to North Carolina for a beach wedding this weekend. I am hoping for great weather and lots of fun! We always miss Henry when we leave, but he will be in good company hanging out with my parent's dog, Buddy!

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