Monday, August 2, 2021

Collared Sweatshirt Pincess Diana Look

This sweatshirt is by the brand Sloppy Joe's (yes, like the sandwich, ha!) it's based out of England and apparently, it was a favorite loungewear brand of Princess Diana... you can see the photo below to see her in the brand.
This image is from the Sloppy Joe's website. This was a very 90's look with the oversized sweatshirt, biker shorts, and mid-rise socks. 

I am not a huge fan of the biker short look in general, and I'm also not fond of all things '90s that have popped back into style. However, I do think this is a fun loungewear outfit to try out. I got one pair of biker shorts and I like them but do not love them! 

The Sloppy Joe's collar 02 is the style I am wearing at the top of today's post. It's majorly oversized and made of thick, soft cotton. It's beyond comfortable.  It's always sold out and whenever it comes back in stock, you have to race to order one. It sells out within minutes!! It's a little pricey for a cotton sweatshirt and took about a month to arrive to me. I love mine, don't get me wrong, but I do think that there are comparable things! 

So, I thought I would share with you all some similar styles to this Sloppy Joe's sweatshirt that I love so much. One, because these are in stock, and two because some of these options are much more affordable. 

For the oversized look, just make sure you size up at least one size if not two. I am usually a size small and I think I could get this similar oversized look if I got a size large (just for your reference).  

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Sally said...

Hi! What size are you wearing in the sloppy joes sweatshirt?


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