Friday, August 27, 2021

Fall Home Decor

Fall Home Decor
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I am so excited for the fall season! Particularly, right now I am excited for a break from the heatwave we have had going on here for the last week. It has been absolutely sweltering but it's really the humidity that is the worst part! I've been walking Henry in the early mornings to avoid it but even then it is still pretty hot!! It is supposed to sporadically rain today and all weekend so hopefully that brings a reprieve from this heat! 

As much as I love fall, I don't do a ton of (indoor) decorating for the season. I do like to swap out summer textures and colors for fall, though! For example. right now, I have embroidered pillows on the couch for summer but will swap them for a brown houndstooth fabric for fall. Just little 'edits' like that to add some warmth to our home! I don't like anything too literal... unless it's on a tablescape!! 

So today I thought I would share some fall decor items for the home that I have been loving. I tried to stay away from pumpkins and things like that because I really do think things look more elegant when they're done less literally! A pumpkin here and there, sure, but overall, I think textures, colors, and scents are easy ways to signal a change in season! Swap linen for wool, cotton for cashmere, blues for deeper greens, etc.

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Sarah | Fewer & Better said...

Love the flatware especially! I have been looking for a set just like that... you've inspired me :)


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