Monday, January 3, 2022

Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale January 2022

Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale January 2022
The Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine sale (formerly called The After Party Sale) begins this morning at 8am EST and will run through today only and will end tonight at 11:59pm EST!! 

There will still be a virtual line as in previous years so sit tight if you get put in line! I always get on around 7:45am and set an alarm for 7:59am so I'm ready to refresh right at 8am! 

 I was able to see a preview of some of the items that are included in the sale as well as the prices, which is always so exciting! The items I was able to preview are at the top of this post! 

If you are reading this before 8am, I'll be back with more ASAP once 8am hits and we can all gain access to the sale! If you have any more questions about the sale, check out the Lilly FAQ page. They do a really good job of covering all of the information you could want!

Quality: Love this set so much. I've worn it a ton to run errands, go on walks, etc. I wear the top to Orange Theory. This is also the perfect set to look cute on road trips because it won't wrinkle! It is really lightweight but not in a bad quality way, it's just the perfect thing for really hot days! 

Sizing: True to size! If anything, size down. 

Quality: This sweater is lofty but lightweight. The sleeves are 3/4 length and the knit pattern is beautiful. It's not the softest ever, but not itchy.

Sizing: This is true to size and meant to fit roomy.

Quality: I  love these leggings as they are the perfect length on my 5'6" frame. They are soft and have a ton of stretch. I don't really work out in them at Orange Theory but they are my favorite for lounging and light activity. There's no reason you can't work out in them, I just prefer other leggings for that! 

Sizing: These run true to size. They have a lot of stretch so if anything size down! 

Quality: This is fully lined and because of the fabric it can be dressed up or down. I love the colors in this because you can play up the lighter colors for spring/summer but when you add in navy, you can bring it well into fall! 

Sizing: This runs true to size, if anything, size down. 

Quality: This is so well made. It's beautifully knit and has a nice, thick, structured feel. I think out of everything in the sale, this would be my #1 pick! 

Sizing: This runs true to size and is meant to be pretty fitted since it is so structured and it is supposed to fit more like a blazer. 

A Few More Things I Love:

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