Friday, December 24, 2021

My Favorite Things 2021

My Favorite Things 2021
Tumbler// Billeart Salmon Champagne// Jewelry Box// Nike Sneakers

Merry Christmas Eve and welcome to the last blog post of 2021! I'll see you all in 2022 and I'm wishing you all a joyous Christmas if you celebrate and a happy new year!!! Regular blog posts will resume promptly on January 3rd at 6am EST and the regular schedule of content Monday-Saturday will continue! 

It's always hard to pare down a list that spans an entire year but I think concise is always better. There were so many great things this year and I always love sharing them with you. But I think these things are items that really take the cake for me. 

I tried to make the list of mostly in stock items. I wanted to include J.McLaughlin's Glacier scarf and Talbots faux fur Blackwatch gloves and J.Crew cashmere oversized tee but sadly, all are sold out but things that I absolutely love.

Most of the things on this list were discoveries from 2022 but there were a few things I have had for years that I just had to include like this Tote and, of course, the green blanket which might make every list for all of time, ha!! 

I'll be doing the top products of 2021 based on analytics in January, so keep an eye out for that. I always love to see what makes that list!

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