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Skincare Products I Love for Dry, Cold Winter Weather

Skincare Products I Love for Dry, Cold Winter Weather

For Hands:

For Lips:

For Face/Body:
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As much as I take care of my skin religiously with all sorts of products, I am certainly not immune to the wrath of cold, dry winter weather that eventually wreaks havoc on my skin! I have just started to feel the effects of the dry air and freezing temperatures as we have had quite a mild winter before this week. 

This cold front reminded me to be extra vigilant with my moisturizing products so I thought I would share all of them with you! These are products that I use year-round, but I tend to use them more frequently in the winter months when my skin needs an extra dose of hydration. They have all worked so well for me! 

For Hands:
Elizabeth Arden// I love this hand cream and usually apply it every night before bed. It's really thick and has a slight scent to it (but smells pleasant). It's not greasy but it does take a bit to soak in so that's why I prefer it at nighttime but you could certainly use it during the day, too. It's so incredibly hydrating and if my hands are super dry, once I put this on, my hands feel so much better immediately. 

Susanne Kaufmann// This is my 'fancier' hand cream. It's unfortunately pricey but it's one of the best smells I have ever smelled. They don't even describe the scent on the website because I actually think it's indescribable. It's just wonderful. Compared to the Elizabeth Arden hand cream, this is much lighter so I prefer to use this during the day. For how light it is, it's surprisingly moisturizing! 

OPI Nail oil// I use this every few nights whether my nails are done or not. It's so hydrating and the little dropper makes it really easy to apply. Overnight, my cuticles soak it in and they look so great in the morning. 

For Lips:
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask// This is a nice thick lip balm that I use at night. It's called a 'mask' but I think that's a little misleading considering it can be used just like you would any other lip balm. It's thick so that is what makes it great for nighttime application, however, you can use it any time of day! I've been using this stuff for years and it's nice and hydrating. I notice a difference after one use. I use this tube mostly during the daytime- it's a little bit of a lighter formulation, in my opinion, but still does the trick. I prefer the grapefruit flavor to the berry, though. 

Paula's Choice Lip Booster// This stuff is amazing. It has a metal applicator so it feels so cooling on my lips which I love. I use this any time of night or day. It's thinner than something like the Laneige- it is almost more like a serum but it is SO hydrating. I really like to use it before I put on lipstick if I'm going out for the day or night. I really think it hydrates my lips in that time period and makes my lipstick look better on my lips. I also will use this first and let it sink in and then go over the top of it with the lip sleeping mask at night if my lips are super dry. 

Blistex// This is my tried and true and has been for probably 20 years. It has SPF in it so I tend to use it whenever I am outdoors for things like skiing. It's also just very basic and inexpensive so I keep a tube of it everywhere: car, handbag, kitchen drawer, desk drawer, nightstand, etc. 

Fresh Sugar Advanced// This is seriously the BEST. My sister turned me on to this and I almost wished she didn't because it's literally just lip balm but it's $26 per tube so it's pricey for just a lip balm. And yet, I have bought so many tubes of it. Its consistency is unlike anything I have ever tried before. If you have ever tried the tinted Fresh Sugar balms, it's similar to that but this feels a bit thicker and smoother. I put it on 24/7 and I would probably say it would be one of those 'top 5 things you bring to a deserted island'. 

For Face/Body:
Cetaphil Rich Hydrating Cream//  This is an inexpensive moisturizer and all it does is moisturize. There are no fancy ingredients in it. It's just a moisturizer. If I know I am not going anywhere, in the morning, I will slather a big layer of this all over my face and then just let it all soak in throughout the day. It's not a mask but it's really nice to use it as one. Sometimes I will put this on at the end of my skincare to deepen the hydration (at night). This is thick and so I don't think it's good for under makeup but this is just so trusty and reliable. 

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Body// This moisturizer is about as basic as it comes but I have been using it for years. It has no scent and it's so thick and hydrating. This is what I use on my body after my showers! It's so hydrating and sinks in pretty quickly for how thick it is. I highly recommend it!


Kelly C said...

What did you think about the Olay Regenerist body lotion?

Anonymous said...

Chapstick's Total Hydration in Merlot gives me color almost identical to Clinique Black Cherry (but for only $5).


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