Thursday, January 6, 2022


I hope you are all having a wonderful new year! How is everyone's week going? Are you all back to your pre-holiday routine? I've been easing into it! We have had such mild temperatures here for November/December. I haven't really worn many of my winter coats at all yet, which is pretty crazy! As of Monday it only just started to get 'winter cold' with temps in the 20s and 30s where I have had to pull out my puffers! We also haven't had any snow so far. I'm not complaining, though I would like to see some snow at some point this winter! 

Outside of catching up on work things, I've been working on planning my sister's bachelorette trip and then a spring trip for my husband and me which will be lots of fun. So I've pretty much spent most of the week on my computer- nothing glamorous at all. 

January is our only month with nothing big in it so I'm going to revel in that, especially because this is typically a slower month business-wise, too. I am excited to have the time to focus on workouts, a few house decor things, and gain inspiration for content for my website and social media! We actually have fun plans tomorrow night so I'm looking forward to that but otherwise, we are going to have a low-key weekend. I'm hoping we can get in some local skiing this month, too! 

I really feel like the first half of this year is going to fly by. My sister got married in an immediate family ceremony in the backyard last May and they postponed their big wedding reception until this May. Back in May of last year, things were still too restrictive in PA for them to be able to have any celebrations leading up to the wedding as well as having the type of wedding they wanted so we have her bachelorette, shower, rehearsal, and reception all coming up in the next few months. I cannot wait and there is so much to look forward to!
Wearing: These boots are over $100 off right now. I have been wearing them non-stop. They are SO comfortable and keep me so warm. I feel so much chicer whenever I put them on. 

Eating: This is the best 'specialty' mustard I have ever had. Seriously do yourself a favor and get some. It is so good in homemade dressings and marinades (we almost always make our own dressings and marinades at home) but you can also use it as a dip or condiment. It tastes a lot like dijon mustard. I love spicy things but would call this very mild for sure (in fact, spicier would be even better). The honey notes are very subtle and don't make this too sweet at all. I've just been mixing this with a tiny bit of EVOO and it's the simplest and most delicious dressing ever. It says it is 'special edition' but I really hope they continue to carry it because it's so good. I ordered a few more bottles just in case, ha!!! 

Reading: Donald Robertson just came out with a new book and I am so excited about it. I LOVE his work and collect all things DR! 
Sale: Mango is having an up to 50% off sale. It's where I purchase a lot of my go-to tweed jackets! 

 We watched Cruella and loved it!! Emma Stone was fabulous as Cruella de Ville. I think she is such a good actress. I also loved the costumes and set and soundtrack. All so fabulous! I hadn't seen a movie in ages so it was nice to finally see something really good! 

Listening: I'm loving my Winter 2022 playlist so far. It is just getting started but it's really feel-good and a good palate cleanser from all the Christmas music I had been listening to for the past few months! 

Loving: This would be such a stunning Mother of the Bride or Groom dress!! 

Loving II: I hate that I loved these eye masks so much because they are so $$$ but wow did they work SO well. The patches aren't drenched in liquid-like some are and the material that the actual mask is made out of almost feels like silicone so it's really easy to get them to sit on your under-eye area and stay there without moving. I left mine on for about 40 minutes (it says 20 on the package) as I got ready one day and I felt like my undereye puffiness was totally gone. Since they're so pricey, I'll likely only use for special occasions but I 10/10 recommend them! 
Wanting: This embroidered button down is so pretty. It reminds me of Mi Golondrina a bit! Ok and how about this gorgeous LBD for under $150?! It also comes in a pretty blue

Traveling: We have nothing on the schedule for January! We may try to do a quick road trip weekend for skiing but otherwise nada! 

Quoting: 'Your job is the dream of the unemployed. Your house is the dream of the homeless. Your smile is the dream of the depressed. Your health is the dream of those who are sick. Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from the negativity. Find something to be grateful for.' // See more of my favorites, here.

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Just Jess said...

I loved Cruella! I saw it in theaters with friends and then my family and I watched it over the holidays. It makes her now one of my favorite Disney villains.


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