Friday, January 14, 2022

The Best Straight Leg Corduroys

It has been pretty cold outside lately, so inside outfits shots it is!! I love this outfit for winter because it feels fresh and 'light', almost like it is spring, but the fabrics and the fabric weights of the outfit are most definitely winter-friendly! 

I specifically wanted to highlight these Cream Corduroys. They also come in brown and navy blue.  I have brown as well and wear those a lot. They are high-waisted and are comfortable and feel 'modern'. They run true to size. The corduroy fabric is thick and overall, they are so well made! 

Sunglasses// Brown Corduroys
(use code SARAHFLINT-SYDNEY50 for $50 first time customers)
Sweater (on sale)// Turtleneck (on sale)

You can see I'm wearing the Brown Corduroys here. I brought them with us on our little getaway back in November! The brown is the prettiest deep caramel shade that pairs really well with other browns. I also think these look so good with a crisp white button-down! 

This year I am really going to focus on sharing multiple outfits styling one piece of clothing. It won't happen every single time I share an outfit, but that's my goal with every outfit post. I think when buying something or even considering a purchase, it's important to think up different ways you can style things so you can rewear things over and over! A little hypocritical coming from me when my job is to constantly style new things, I know, but I wanted you to get my thinking behind that!


Lizzie said...

Yes please! I find it really helpful to see clothing/accessories styled multiple ways.

Anonymous said...

I have a question on fit for you. I notice cords always seem to have pull/crease/fold overs stemming from the crotch area even in online pictures of models on retail sites. Is that a correct fit? I have been wondering as I have tried on corduroys over the last 2 years if they fit correctly when they do that or if it is just "the style." Thank you!


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