Wednesday, February 2, 2022

January Favorites

At the end of each year, I share a post of my favorite things. I started the list this year and it's already starting to get pretty long considering we have only made it through one month! Also, things sell out so quickly these days. Even in January, I wanted to include a Dudley Stephens scarf and it's already sold out!! So, I thought I would share a monthly list, too. 

An item only makes a list if I am die-hard over it. If it makes this list, it's a 10/10 for me and getting my highest recommendation available! 

I absolutely love this tray. I treated myself to it at the end of last month. I use it on a little round table between our two chaise chairs in our living room. It acts as a catchall for our remote and coasters. It's SO pretty. It would make such a nice gift. 

Henry has had this bed for a while now. It's pretty darn pricey for a dog bed (it was less when we bought it) but it's SO nice. Not only does it look like decor/furniture but it's just beautiful in its construction. What I love best about it, though, is that it raises the actual cushion just enough that we put it at our window and Henry is able to see out of the window. He LOVES looking out the window and this has brought him so much joy to be able to lay in his bed and look out the window at the same time. What's also hilarious is that whenever I am pulling out of our driveway, I can actually see him in the window looking out as I drive away. It's both sad/pathetic and adorable all at the same time!

I think this might make the end of the year list. That's a really bold statement considering we are only one month in! I used to love a certain bra from Aerie. My everyday bras were getting pretty worn and I decided I need to get new ones and toss the others. Well, when I went to order more I noticed that Aerie had stopped making the style I loved. So for months I went on a journey of ordering and returning SO many bras. I finally landed on this one and it's incredible. It's easily the best bra I have ever worn. It's nothing fancy, it is actually pretty basic but it's wonderful. It has underwire and almost no padding. The way it fits, though, I feel like it was made just for me. I think it runs small, though. I went up an entire cup size which I have never done with any bra before. It's so comfortable and stays in place at all times. I swear there is some kind of magic in this bra. On Amazon, it is 40% off which is where I have been ordering from. 
I have worn this robe every single morning since I got it in December. No exaggeration. This robe is the best robe I have ever owned- and let me tell you, I have SO many robes. It's a very plain-looking robe, nothing too fancy about it, however, it's the warmth and comfort and fit that is next level. It has two layers of fabric. The outer is a wonderfully soft jersey knit and the inner is an equally soft fleece material. The robe itself isn't bulky or thick, though and the fit is just roomy enough that you can easily get it over a layer of pajamas but doesn't look 'fluffy' on me. I have already washed it a bunch and it looks good as new each time. This actually made the 2021 list as I did get it in December, but I just had to include it again because it's that good. 
My feet get cold in the winter (inside) sometimes. I'm usually in slippers around the house but sometimes I prefer just socks. I've been wearing these socks for a few years now and I love them. They are so soft and cozy and hold up really well. I don't typically like to wear anything on my feet when I sleep but sometimes I put these on for warmth and I don't mind them! They are thicker than 'regular' socks but I have worn them inside my bean boots and they were just fine!
I've always loved the Dennis Gross peel pads. They are pricey but they work and they work quickly (reduce pore size, acne scarring, fine lines, etc.) I came across these peel pads and tried them out as they had a holiday sale. They are AMAZING. Unlike the Dennis Gross peel pads, these are just one step which I much prefer. These are strong so just be prepared for a tingling sensation if you are new to peel pads. 
I snagged these (in blue) on sale (pink is still on sale) and I think they are so beautiful. They give me a bit of nostalgia and I can't quite put my finger on it. They just definitely look like something your grandmother might have passed down to you. I love the piping. I don't go all out setting the table each night so nice placemats are something I don't mind spending money on because we use them almost nightly. I now want them in pink! 

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