Thursday, February 3, 2022


How is everyone's week going? Mine is going really fast. I'm so glad we made it to February! January was starting to feel a bit long if you ask me!

This week was pretty 'standard'. I did some Orange Theory classes, worked, and had lunch out with my mom and Grammie one afternoon which was nice. It was actually pretty 'warm' Tuesday and Wednesday so I was thrilled to get out with Henry and got for some walks. I know he was so happy about it. 

I have heard many of you are getting hit with a big snow. I don't think we are supposed to get a lot of snow- it's actually mild temperature-wise, but I think it's supposed to get icy at some point, maybe tomorrow, but that's never good! 

We don't have much going on this weekend, which is nice because otherwise, our February is going to be pretty busy. Honestly, I need to do some cleaning as we head into this new month so I am really thankful for some downtime. 

I've also been spending SO much time trying to find cute things for my Charleston trip and I am coming up pretty empty handed. I am hoping to see more pop into stores as we get further into the month of February. Fingers crossed! 

Wearing: I love this pullover so much (wearing xs/s). It's so soft and cozy with a fleece lining. It's definitely oversized and I love the cropped fit. I have been wearing it with lounge pants and also to-and-from Orange Theory. It looks cute with leggings, too! 
Eating: I love Bobo's granola products. My sister introduced me to them and I have never really been a granola bar fan before this. Every single Bobo's product I have tasted is amazing. I just tried the apple pie bites and they taste like delicious, fresh, homemade apple pie. It's crazy. It's not really healthy. Sometimes I think oh a granola bar, that's healthy. But it has 10 grams of added sugar which is a little steep for such a small 'bite', but I do think it's a better alternative to a cookie or cake or pie. I didn't realize this until I was just looking at their website as I was linking to these bars but they also have apple pie full bars which are lower in sugar, so I'd be interested to try the bar vs. the bites! The bars are really big. One is SO filling, I usually split mine in half if I'm just having it for a snack. I love the chocolate chip! I also have to praise the brand on not using seed oils. I'm certainly no health nut but I do pay attention to the ingredients in things that I eat. I've been trying to cut back on seed oil consumption and it's hard because EVERYTHING has seed oil in it unless you cook it all yourself at home from scratch. It's really hard to find things without it- even things you think wouldn't contain any oil at all. For example, something comparable to the Bobo's bar would be a Chewy bar and... yep... seed oil!! Anyway, sorry for the tangent, but in case you are interested in ingredients, this Bobo's is good (minus the added sugar) because it at least doesn't have any seed oil in it! 

Drinking: This is truly the least 'new' idea out there, but I saw someone on TikTok put a squeeze of lemon in their Diet Coke so I tried it, and OMG. It's so good. I used Meyer Lemon (which is a little less tart than a typical lemon). I rarely ever drink soda let alone Diet Coke. I used to drink SO much Diet Coke in college that after that, I kind of just stopped cold turkey. But I will drink a Coke or Diet Coke like once a quarter (McDonald's has the best). The lemon makes it tastes so fresh. It really changes the taste entirely. I don't think I can go back to drinking it without lemon! Such a treat! 

Sale: Club Monaco is doing an extra 30% off of markdowns which is always nice! 

 Are you all watching the new season of Summer House? It's my favorite Bravo show and surprisingly to me, my husband also loves it so we watch together. We record it on Monday nights and usually watch it on Tuesday. It's so good! 

Loving: I just ordered this exfoliating treatment. I had used it and loved it years ago and kind of forgot about it. I feel like my face needs exfoliating and this one is pure magic. It's pricey but I usually buy the smallest tube. A little goes a long way!! 

Loving II: I just finished this shampoo + conditioner. It was gifted to me and I loved it. It's reparative so it's very moisturizing and perfect for my color-treated hair. It truly made my hair shinier and more voluminous. It smells incredible, too, it was masculine/woodsy and slightly citrusy at the same time. It's pricey, so I think I would buy if I had a special occasion coming up (like a wedding or event) because it really did make a difference, otherwise, I would stick to a drugstore brand to save $$. 

Loving II: I got two new pairs of sandals recently. My summer footwear could use a boost so that is what I have been focusing on lately! Day-to-day I mostly wear flat sandals but I'm also looking for a dressy pair of heeled sandals, so TBD!

Wanting: This is a men's sweater
. It is high atop my wish list right now. It's SO classic and gorgeous. I want to get a few of these wireless charging pads for my desk and bedside table! They are really sleek-looking. If you are looking for a cocktail dress, this is STUNNING! 

Wanting II: Chappy Wrap is a brand that makes really high quality fleece blankets. I have one and they are velvety soft. Now they are making pillow covers and I think that is brilliant!!! I would just love to cuddle up with that pillow in the evenings and watch a show or movie! Cozy! 

Pittsburgh: We went to the newly opened First Watch that just opened in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. It is in the Siena Plaza near Whole Foods and across from South Hills Village. It was absolutely delicious. It's just open through lunchtime! I already can't wait to go back! 

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