Friday, March 18, 2022

Amazon Finds

Amazon Finds
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This Amazon list is really a hodgepodge of things... it's kind of all over the place! But these are all things I've ordered from Amazon recently and would recommend. You can find my Amaozn favorites, here

Glycolic Pads// This is a forever re-order for me. These are 20% glycolic peel pads and I swear by them. I notice if I use them consistently, my pores look smaller and skin looks more even! 

Hangers// This is also a re-order. These are the hangers we use in every closet in our house. They are slim and since they are that faux velvet material, clothing doesn't slide off of the hanger. Great for the price! 

10 ft Charger// I had been ordering so many garbage charging cords lately that break within a few months. I finally decided to spend a little more and I am so glad I did. This is now the highest quality charger that I own and I love that it is 10 feet long!! 

Margarita Salt// I ordered this after having so many cocktails in Charletson with a spicy salted rim. This stuff is SO good for cocktails but you can also use it in marinades, dressings, etc. 

Magnolia Leaf Wreath// I ordered this on a whim thinking there was a 50/50 shot that I would like it. It arrived and I am SO pleased. It looks real, it's very full and the color is spot on. I am so impressed with it.  

Light// This clips on your phone (almost like a chip clip) and it's a mini ring light! I love this for filming Instagram stories when the light is less than optimal! 

Socks// I have shared these before but these are just the best no-show socks. They are SO soft and comfortable and wash really well. 

Sticky Phone Mount// This is a phone mount that will stick to anything. I mostly use this to film Instagram stories and things like that. 

Hand Mask// My hands have been SO dry lately. I don't know what is up but I needed something a little more dramatic than hand lotion. I just put these on for 15 minutes and my hands feel rejuvenated. They are really well designed and totally mess free.

Cordless Lamp// This is a cordless light with three different brightness levels. You can easily recharge it. I have had it for a few weeks and used it a lot and haven't even had to recharge it at all yet! This lamp is small so it is the perfect thing for limited counter space or even outdoor dining. 

Plant Food Spikes// I have a few indoor plants on the windowsill in my kitchen. They were looking a little sad lately so I got these plant food spikes. You just bury them into the soil of each plant and they are supposed to help nourish the plant. I can't really tell if anything major has happened, but I will say, they have not died yet, so that's good! 

Travel Pill Organizer// When I travel I like to bring medicine for everything. Advil, Pepto, Zyrtec, Benadryl. I always like to be prepared so this is a great, small little pill case perfect for travel! 

Shower Steam Packs// These are scented cubes that you just toss in while you shower and they turn your shower into a steamy spa oasis. They smell so good and are such a treat. You can cut them in half as you don't really need an entire cube for one shower! 

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