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Happy St. Patrick's Day!! How has everyone's week been going? Mine has been good. Nothing all that exciting, although it's been warm enough to take Henry on a long walk each day which has been fantastic for the both of us! I am also thrilled about the time change, as I am sure many of you feel the same. The fact that it is still light out at 6:30pm is just glorious. Thankfully, I don't have seasonal depression but I 100% think it being lighter in the evenings makes me more productive and more willing to do things on weeknights in the evenings. In the winter, I put on my pajamas at like 7pm and am in bed by 9 because there is no chance I'm going for an evening walk or anything like that, ha!! I will say, I am on a better sleep schedule in the winter months meaning that I usually go to bed earlier and rise earlier. The longer it stays light outside, the later I stay up on weekdays which is a little bit of the downside. But I'll definitely take the longer daylight any day!

We got a decent amount of snow on Saturday which was interesting. It has all melted by now, though, as we have had some gorgeous weather! I had to work quite a bit this past weekend so it was nice to be able to snuggle up inside with the snow outside. I didn't mind it one bit! 

This weekend we don't have a ton going on, we are just getting together with some friends, going out for dinner, etc. 

Tonight, for St. Patrick's Day, we are going to my parent's for dinner. My mom always makes corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day and it is one of my favorite meals. I freaking LOVE cabbage, ha!

Wearing: This dress comes in 9 different prints. I wear this so often as it is just so easy to throw on and look polished but it also feels like wearing a nightgown- so comfortable!!! 

Cheese tortelloni with turkey sausage and basil pesto

Eating: I tried this brand called Hungryroot recently. It's a grocery delivery program but the idea behind it is that everything is healthy, easy to prepare, and tastes delicious. I have never ever been more impressed with a food delivery service. Everything we have eaten is delicious and on your Hungryroot account, they give you recipes for each of your deliveries to give you ideas on what to cook with the items that they send you but you can also go off on your own and make whatever. We made all the meals and were so pleased. I was also happy that everything was so easy. It's not like a Hello Fresh where things come in small portions to create one meal, they send you full sizes groceries. All of the things that they send you are free of partially hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives. Your account gets to know your preferences and tastes and will tailor it to that. In our box were vegan, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies (I am neither vegan nor gluten-free) and I would never have picked them out and brought them home on my own. I decided to give them a try. They were SO good. I'm their newest fan. They have a thing where you can share your referral link for $50 off, so click here if you want to use it (this is not sponsored, it's a feature for anyone with a Hungryroot account). 

Reading: I am so flattered that Petite Keep featured me on their blog. You can use code SYDNEY10 to get 10% off your order! 
Dress (on sale 40% off with code SHOPSPRING)

Sale: When I tell you I audibly gasped when I saw that they brought this Dress silhouette back for spring I am not kidding! This is one of my favorite sundresses of all time. I wore it non-stop last summer. It has a scoop neckline and also scoops in the back. The straps are thick enough that you can wear a regular bra if you prefer. I love the band at the waistline that nips in my waist just so. The midi-length makes it a bit more elegant and ladylike. I love that they brought it back in eyelet, so sweet and feminine!  

Sale II: Dudley Stephens is offering 30% off site-wide through 3/20! I know it's kind of the end of the season for a fleece scarf, but this scarf has gotten so much wear this winter. I LOVE it. I also swear by the Jay joggers and wear them constantly. I've already worn them once this week. They are done in the terry and just so flattering and comfortable. They are my top favorite pair of sweats but definitely look tailored/polished enough to wear out in public to run errands. 

Loving: I've been using this body moisturizer for about a month or two and I love it. I'm pretty loyal to my favorite Cetaphil body moisturizer but this one is giving it a run for its money! It's thick and heavy when you put it on but it melts right into my skin and I can get dressed immediately afterward. I like that it has Vitamin C in it which is one of my favorite skincare ingredients because it brightens skin. I also noticed that, in the sun, your skin shimmers ever so slightly... it's almost unnoticeable but just makes my skin look luminous. My husband uses it, too, so it's not like a glittery situation at all! I think, to save money, I'll use the Cetaphil in the winter when I show less skin and then this one in the warmer months when I want that luminous look! You can use SYDNEY for 15% off! 

Also, speaking of skincare, I plan on going through my sunscreens in the next week or two and tossing anything expired and see what I need more of. I always wear face sunscreen but during the winter months, don't really apply body sunscreen when I'm wearing long sleeves/pants so I always need more right around now when I start to wear clothing with less coverage! This is one sunscreen that I saw I am almost out of. It works SO well and I love the lightweight formula. I also love this spray sunscreen and this sunscreen that makes my skin look glowy (my husband uses it as well so it's not like sparkly!!). 

Loving II: You all know I love my Stanley Tumbler. I literally bring it everywhere with me and it's what I use to drink water out of even in my house. Target carries the Stanley brand and one of you sent me a photo at your local Target that they have the tumblers in stock! So, if you have one on your wish list but haven't been able to snag one because they are constantly selling out, check your local Target! it looks like they had some good color selections! 
Wanting: Did you all see that Kosas launched a foundation? I have purchased so many Kosas products and have loved them all so I am curious about their foundation. It has SPF 25 in it. That's one thing that my Westman Atelier foundation doesn't have that I wish that it did! 
Amazon Rec: Going to add this new category! I am constantly ordering things via Amazon and thought it would be fun to share a find each week! How cute is this Mini Cordless Lamp?! We have a small lamp with a plug in our guest bathroom because we have the counter space for it, but we just don't have as much counter space in our bathroom since we have double sinks. I have always wanted a lamp in here because I love the glow from a lamp. I found this small little lamp on Amazon and it is rechargeable so you don't even need a cord. It's PERFECT! I am so pleased with it and the glow from our bathroom gives me so much joy! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Traveling: I'll be heading to Florida twice in April which will be lots of fun! 

Quoting: “Good manners reflect something from inside- an innate sense of consideration for others and respect for self.”- Emily Post // See more of my favorites, here.


Anonymous said...

I love the mirrors in your bathroom - where did you find them?

Summer Wind said...

Thank you! The mirrors are unfortunately no longer available. They were bed bath and beyond when they did a collection with one king’s lane!


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