Thursday, March 3, 2022


Today is the first lately post of March! Yay! Not to be a negative Nancy but March is my least favorite month of the entire year. However, it just means we are inching closer to that warmer weather and the clocks will be springing forward so soon!

My sister and her husband come to town several times this month, it's fun with all of the wedding things going on, I will get to see them so often! Their shower is towards the end of the month! So I am looking forward to that. I'm still trying to figure out what I am wearing for that but I have time! 

We are having a blast in Charleston but I am looking forward to getting back into a routine, seeing Henry, and all of that, too! I love being away and traveling, but there is something so wonderful about coming home. 

I'll be sure to share about our trip and everything in the coming week or two, so stay tuned for that! 
Wearing: This is a men's sweater but I ordered it in a size small for myself and it is now one of the nicest sweaters that I own. It's pricey, but it feels like Vince or Brochu Walker. I feel like Ralph Lauren could sell this under their collection label for double the price. It's so classic. I wish they made more pieces liket his for us women!! Anyway, the size small fits perfectully, actually. It's roomy but not in a 'boyfriend' way, it looks casual but polished. 

Eating: We made this lemon garlic pasta the other night for dinner and it was so easy but SO delicious. It tastes like something you would be served at a nice restaurant. We topped it off with blackened salmon (just seasoned both sides with salt and pepper). I loosely followed this recipe. We will be making this again. Just wonderful! 

Drinking: We are almost nearing the end of Sumo season which is sad but I love the idea to incorporate the citrus into a cocktail! I love the idea of making a paloma with a Sumo

 I haven't watched anything in a while!! We are in need of a new show but I am gearing up for Bridgerton season 2 out at the end of this month! If you have any show recs let me know! Two shows I started and tried to get into are Yellowstone and Succession, I know that they are so popular but just couldn't get into either! 

Listening: The summer jazz playlist on Spotify is SO good. Great background music if you are working or as a dinner party playlist. 
Loving: I got these little travel pill cases for my husband and me to store probiotics/vitamins and such when we travel. This comes in a pack of two cases which is nice. I'm someone who travels with a medicine cabinet, ha! You never know if you'll need Benadryl or Zyrtec, or Pepto Bismol, or Advil... the list goes on!!! 
Wanting: Ok this is an adorable (and literal) take on the tennis bracelet! Doesn't this look like something Samantha Stevens would wear?! 

Pittsburgh: Lots of new things to come here in Pittsburgh in terms of restaurants. Have you all been to the Tupelo Honey that is now open in Station Square? I haven't, but want to go. I have been to the one in Charlotte and it's so good!! 

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Annaliese said...

Oh my gosh - you NEED to watch Sweet Magnolias on Netflix!! It's set in South Carolina- perfect since you've just been in Charleston! :)

xoxo A

SM said...

You should watch Marvelous Mrs Maisel. It’s funny and so good and the outfits/costume design of the show is def something you would like!

Meredith said...

I was reading this post today before going to the grocery and immediately added the pasta ingredients to my list. We made it tonight and it will definitely be in our rotation - it was SO good!


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