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The Best Wedding Guest Shoes Ever

The Best Wedding Guest Shoes Ever

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90
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Today's post is long overdue as I have been a fan of not only the Sarah Flint brand for years but the Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90 are *the* shoes that you need as a wedding guest and I'm here to tell you exactly why (this is not sponsored!!!).

Did you know that in 2022, there are supposed to be an unprecedented amount of weddings? I've talked to so many friends who are going to something like 10 weddings this year which is just wild! We are actually only going to a handful of weddings ourselves but the big one is my sister's wedding in May in which I am wearing these Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90.

My favorite part of any wedding is always the dancing! I just LOVE to dance... am I a good dancer? No, but that's neither here nor there. The worst part, though, is the time in the night when my feet start to hurt so badly that I have to go and sit down. I have very high arches and it's nearly impossible to find any comfortable shoes and it's even harder to find high heels that are comfortable for 8+ hours. 

Sarah Flint is a brand that has saved my feet. Seriously. I am slowly replacing all of my heels with the SF brand because they are so much more comfortable. I would often wear flats to events and parties just because I knew I wouldn't last the entire event in heels but now, with Sarah Flint shoes, I can wear heels, and not even just the shorter pumps, but like actual high heels without my feet hurting. 

I'm going to be super thorough in this review as the SF shoes are a bit of an investment but I am telling you, they are worth every penny and then some. The overall quality is as nice if not nicer than any other designer pair of shoes I have ever worn, I think these shoes could be sold for twice the price. 

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90 Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

So this is why you need the Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90 as a wedding guest...

- This shoe is made in different neutral colors and heel heights so it works with pretty much anything and everything. I personally prefer the gold as I find metallic to skew dressier. 

- In any other brand's shoe, I would choose the 60 (which is the lower height) but with SF, I'm so thrilled I can wear the taller heels without worrying about foot pain! 

- Have you ever worn heels and felt almost wobbly? These not only have a block heel which is easier to balance on and won't dig into the grass (if it's an outdoor wedding) but the block heel is inset so it doesn't feel clunky like some block heeled shoes can feel. I also love their perfect pump and wear them often. With the pumps, the heel actually has a steel rod in the center so you feel super sturdy as you walk. 

- The toe box is wider. I loathe whenever my toes start to pinch or even go numb. It can be SO painful. The wider toe box is a gamechanger. I have no idea why all shoe brands are not making their toe boxes like this. It's not noticeable in the shoe design at all, but my foot feels so much better. I actually think this is one of the most noticeable differences, especially in the perfect pump, which is closed-toe. But even with an opened toe sandal design, I've had the strap across the toes dig in and become painful. These Perfect Block Sandal 90s never dig in!!! 

- There is extra padding in the footbed which I think makes a huge difference, especially if you plan on wearing these heels for many hours at a time. I also think the higher the heel, the more wonderfully noticeable the padding is. 

- There is AMAZING arch support. You can see in the photos that the footbed is unlike any other shoe in your closet. There is like this little 'bump' at the arch and it's small so when I first saw it, I thought 'how is that going to make a difference' and lo and behold, it's a total gamechanger. My feet feel totally supported and I think this is another reason that I never ever feel 'wobbly' in Sarah Flint shoes. 

- The materials that these shoes are made with are such high quality. I am so rough on my shoes and I usually have to get them re-soled or touched up every so often but these barely show wear! And I'm talking about my most expensive shoes here! 

- The strap around the ankle is perfectly placed. Have you ever worn a pair of ankle-strap shoes and the strap hits you at a weird spot on your ankle and makes your legs look shorter? These hit at the perfect spot! 

Definitely read the 'About' section on Sarah Flint's website to learn more about the thought and attention to detail that goes into each pair of shoes. I strongly believe in this brand!

And, finally, my mom totally signs off on this post as she wore the Perfect Block Sandal 60 (which is just a shorter heel) for my wedding and will be wearing them for my sister's wedding! Any chance that my mom gets, she will rave and rave about her love for the Perfect Block Sandal 60. She is excited we will have matching shoes on my sister's wedding day!

You can use code SARAHFLINT-SYDNEY50 for $50 off your first order. 

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