Friday, May 13, 2022

Target Finds

Green Gingham Top (comes in a bunch of prints/colors)

I'm not a huge Target shopper. There. I said it. Nothing against Target at all, I just think it's often much easier to shop in-store and the Target closest to me seems to never have anything that I'm interested in! 

However, I have been browsing their site online and have been so surprised at so many cute things over the last few weeks. I've actually ordered quite a bit which is out of character for me. 

Target is a bit like Amazon in that it's a little hard to find all of the 'good stuff' unless you are either A, willing to spend a long time browsing, or B, know exactly what you are looking for. 

So I spent all the time browsing for you to find all of the good stuff. What sparked this post, is the green gingham top you see in the photos above. It's seriously only $20 and I LOVE IT. It's sooooo lightweight. The perfect summertime top, it feels so easy breezy and even though it is long sleeve, it's so lightweight that I'd wear it even in 80 degrees. I actually wish they would make a pajama set in this material! The top runs pretty big and boxy. I sized down to the XS and it's still plenty roomy, probably could have gone even a size smaller. 

I also ordered this lounge sports bra (I just made up the term 'lounge sports bra' HA!) and when I got in the mail, I felt it and thought I wouldn't like it. I almost just automatically returned it without trying it on. It's SO soft but it just felt so flimsy. Well, I ended up trying it on and I am so glad because it's amazing. It provides compression and support without padding or anything. It's amazing, you have to try it for yourself! 

I have all three sizes in this gorgeous planter. It says the color is 'cream' but I would call it a robin's egg blue with cream underlay. 

And then I got these faux Birkenstock plasticy/rubbery sandals. They're so ugly. I mean truly I can't stand looking at my feet when I wear them and a photo of me in them will never see the light of day. I have seen other people wear these sandals and look so cute and stylish but they are not it for me. BUT at $10, I have to tell you they are worth every penny. They are what I throw on when I go out back to water my plants. They are what I wear when I don't want to put socks on to walk Henry on a shorter length walk. They are what I toss on to run into our garage. I basically think of them as outdoor summer slippers! The support and comfort that they offer is really surprising and somehow, my feet don't get sweaty and gross in them. The sandals will get dirty but you just rinse them off and they are good as new. I haven't tried the Freedom Moses brand or the Birkenstock brand but I don't feel that I need to because truly, $10 is all I'd spend on something like this anyway. 

This navy and white striped dress looks like a $200 Club Monaco dress. I picture it with a cream cable knit cardigan over my shoulders and brown leather sandals and a basket bag. This dress is also $30 and I feel like Draper James could sell it for $120. I'm picturing it with espadrille wedges and a cute clutch. 

I think the biggest thing when you are looking at their clothes online is to look past the styling of some of the things. I find that they are usually styled on the trendier side. I also feel like they are styled for someone younger than I am, but maybe that's just another way I mean 'trendy'. Anyway, a lot of these are more classic than you might think from the photos you see! 

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I had to cut up my Red Card and stop shopping at Target this week. They’ve decided to be groomers, so I cannot spend my money there.


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