Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Wish List

Wish List

I put together a fun little wish list for today! I always love to put these together because these are items that I want in the moment. However, sometimes when I look back on a wish list from past weeks, months, or even years, I think 'I don't love that anymore, I'm glad I didn't get it.' Or, the opposite happens, where I see something I didn't get and really feel like I missed out! Do you all know that feeling?

There's this ONE thing I missed out on many years ago and I swear it haunts my dreams. I look for these shoes on resale sites like The Real Real and eBay all the time but never find it in my size. They are Paul Andrew (which, I don't even think the label exists anymore) slingback flats in this striped print and have a beautiful, huge bow. They're probably from 2015ish, if I had to guess. They pop into my brain seriously almost monthly and I always check to see if they ever show up but never do. To this day I think they are the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen. I think I came across them originally after they had sold out in the first place and that's why I wasn't able to get them? Maybe they were too expensive for my 25 year old budget- I can't even remember but I just know I never got them! 

Anyway, just so interesting to see how things come and go on my 'wish list'. Do you have that one thing you can't get out of your head that you missed out on years ago? 

I think even if you aren't creating content around fashion/shopping but love to shop yourself, creating wish lists like these can help you decide on what to add to your closet and what to skip on. If something is over a certain price threshold, I don't act impulsively and instead sit on it for a while. Sometimes it's a week or two, sometimes it is months or even years. But more often than not, after that time period, the item falls off my wish list. The things that stay on month after month are the things that I know I *really* want! 

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Laura Baker Busic said...

Ugh I know the feeling of scouring resale sites for something you missed out on! I searched for a particular Dior scarf for YEARS after finally finding it last summer and I've never bought something so fast, ha! Sending you good luck to find your shoes!


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