Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The Best Neutral Summer Sandals

Striped Top (full review here, use code YOURULE for 20% off)// Linen Pants
Sunglasses(inexpensive from Amazon!)// Sandals// Wicker Bag

I got this Striped Top last year and the number of times I have worn some variation of this outfit is easily double digits by now. I've also had these Linen Pants for a while now and they're just so darn comfortable- like pajama bottoms almost! Both pieces run big- I am wearing size small in both which is my true size but I could have definitely sized down one or two sizes in both but I don't mind the oversized fit! 

But for today's post, I really wanted to highlight these brown leather sandals. I have found myself wearing them more than any other sandals this summer! They're a beautiful neutral brown leather that pairs with pretty much anything. I love that the footbed feels cushioned so they are comfortable to walk in. Sometimes super flat slides can be hard for me to wear as I have a really high arch but the cushioning in these is so nice. The bamboo buckle detail is so pretty and adds a nice mix of textures. The toe is slightly squared off which makes it feel a little elegant and elevated. 

I have the Hermes Oasis sandals and have had them for many years now. I considered buying the Hermes oran sandals in brown this year when I was in the Hermes store in Palm Beach but as soon as I got these, my desire for the Hermes sandals waned as I just really love these and think they are a good alternative and much less costly! 

They run true to size. I got a size 9. I shared that I wear a size 9 shoe in my Instagram stories once and I got so many DM's saying they were surprised about my big feet, HA! 

Anyway, the bottom line of this blog post is if you are looking for a high-quality, comfortable pair of neutral flat sandals, these are totally it! 

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