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June Favorites

June Favorites
Jane Win Jewelry// Pinot Noir Rosé// Ooni

Wow, I am SO late to the game on this one!!! We are practically to August at this point, but it's still worth doing in my opinion! Here are my favorites from the month of June. As a reminder, I share my favorites from each month and then at the end of the year, I narrow it down further to a 'best of 2022' list! I'll link to past months in 2022 at the bottom of this post!

Bike Shorts// You all have heard me rave about these already. They are the very best. The material feels super similar to the Wunder Under Train leggings (slick and sweatwicking) and the fit is amazing. I tried so many pairs of Lulu bike shorts and none of them were as good as these. I wear them to Orange Theory, to row in, lounge, etc. They have a nice high waist and fit true to size. Sometimes bike shorts are too tight at the bottom hem around my thighs and these are not too tight at all. 

Kettle// I got this for my husband for his birthday and we use it almost daily now. It's called a 'demi' kettle because of its smaller size. Perfect for just the two of us! It's beautiful and high quality. 

Sandals// I wear these sandals so often. They are so high quality. The leather is soft and the brown hue is just the right shade of brown. I love the bamboo buckle. The footbed is slightly padded making them super comfortable. 

Jane Win Jewelry// I got this necklace with a mother of pearl heart charm (no longer available) back in January and I just love it. I don't do a ton with costume jewelry but this one is so high quality- if you didn't know, you'd think it was real gold. I wear it often and it hasn't tarnished and looks good as the day I got it! 

Pinot Noir Rosé// I am not a big rosé fan. At the lake a few years ago, we did a rosé tasting and I just ended up not truly loving any of them. I mostly love red wine if any wine. But, in the summer, I often don't drink red wine because it feels too warm/heavy. Someone recommended I try a pinot noir rosé and I like it SO much more than a regular rosé. I feel like it has a little more flavor while still being light. If you are like me, you'll want to try this out!

Ooni// We LOVE our Ooni. My husband is definitely more obsessed with it than I am but it makes the best pizza ever. It's such a fun gadget. My husband has gotten so into it with so much research on doughs and ingredients whatnot so each one we make it stellar. It's kind of crazy we can make a pizza from scratch in just minutes. 

Unlined Sports Bra// This is an inexpensive Target find. I love this bra for lounge or even for under sports clothes for low impact things like walking. It's unlined but still provides enough compression which gives some support. The fabric is INSANELY soft. 

Pearl Necklace// I've been wearing this pearl station necklace so often. I just love the daintiness of it and the way it sits around my neck. It's classic but I feel like it's a little less 'stuffy' than a full strand of pearls. 

Steamer// I can't believe I haven't put this steamer on the list yet. It's something I use every single week. I had the older Conair steamer and broke it (accident- my fault) and upgraded to the newest version. The metal plate gets hot so it's almost like an iron/steamer hybrid. I use it on all of my clothes, my husband uses it sometimes and I use it on all of our linens. It's truly the best. My only complaint is that it is a little bulky for travel (and a bit heavy if you're trying to keep your luggage lightweight) but it works SO much better than an actual travel steamer that I sometimes bite the bullet and just take it with me anyway.

Wedges// I also can't believe it took me this long to include these wedges. I've had them for a few years now and they are some of my most worn summer shoes. They are so incredibly comfortable and I think the gold dresses things up just a touch. 

Built In Bra Tank// I just got these tanks and love them. I have the align tank from Lululemon and I like it but I never loved the cut of it. This tank is similar in that it's a built-in-bra tank but I find the square neckline so much more flattering. The fabric is a bit different than the align fabric- this is a little softer and feels slightly more like spandex cotton but it's great and soft. It is not cropped, it's a nice length without being a tunic either. 

Hand Cream// This is one of my favorite hand creams of all time. It's pricey so it's more of a luxury/splurge when I order it. But, I just ordered it again because the brand had changed their packaging. When I saw that, I got worried that they changed their formula so I looked and sure enough, there is a not on the product page saying that they did just that! SO, the website I normally order from still has the old packaging hand cream and so I stocked up. The smell is so light but it is one of the best things I have ever smelled in my entire life. The scent is undescribable, even the brand just calls it a 'pleasant' smell, ha!! Anyway, if you want a little luxury, this is totally it. 

Pleated Skort// This is one of the best Target finds ever. It's as nice as anything from Lulu or Athleta and it is SO comfortable and cute. Many times, I wear it with the Built-In-Bra tank and it makes such a cute athletic outfit! 

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