Thursday, August 11, 2022


Buddy, Bean, Henry

Buddy (my parent's dog)

If this week had a word to define it, it would be 'frazzled'. I'm kind of laughing at myself as I type this but it's been a week and it's not even over yet. 

I don't have many photos from this week so I wanted to share a few from our time at the lake! 

We got back from the lake late Sunday night. I leave the house clean before I leave, which makes it much easier to come home. There is still a ton of laundry to do and unpacking so that's what has been occupying me. I was gone for 18 days and I'm not sure I have ever gone anywhere for that length of time. It was amazing and I am grateful for every minute I was able to spend with family and friends but it's also so nice to be back at home. It was quite the reality check, though, when I was trying to get back into a routine. Henry has been a bit restless, which is annoying but I can also understand. He went from being in a big house filled with people and other dogs and lots of swimming in the lake and outside time, to back home with just me during the day while I work. He's a bit bored so I have needed to spend more time outside walking him to tire him out. After 18 days of indulgent food and drink and no structured workouts, I can definitely use the extra walking time myself, HA! 

Another super exciting thing is that one of my very best friends from high school just moved into our neighborhood literally a block away with her husband and son. I could not be more excited!

Ok and one last thrilling thing is that I am picking up something on Saturday that I have been waiting years to find. I am not going to say more because I don't want to jinx it until I officially get it, but when I do get it, I will share. It's INSANELY good and a real illustration that patience pays off. AH! 

In terms of what I have accomplished since last week regarding our Europe trip, I did a lot of research on transportation options and booked our car service to and from the airport and to and from the port where our ship will be. That was a big to-do on my list and I feel so much better we have that taken care of. We also made some dinner reservations and reserved our Vatican tour so I am feeling much better about everything. We have less than 2 weeks until we leave so I need to start putting together all that I will be packing, which right now, sounds sooooo daunting. We are going to be in Rome for 3 nights then we will go to the port for our Celebrity cruise which will be 7 nights and then back to Rome for another 2 nights before we head home, I am SO excited. I'm trying to think of the best way to share everything with you all and I think I will do Instagram stories in one big batch each evening around 5 or 6pm (EST) right before I go to bed (because it will be 11 or 12ish everywhere we are in Europe) and it will recap our entire day. Then I'll save all of it to a highlight so if you are ever traveling to these places, the highlight can act like a big travel guide. Then, once I'm home, I'll probably do 2 travel guides here on my website- one for Rome and then one for the cruise. I'll try to be super thorough with the Instagram stories, though, trying to tag as many places and using geo-locations, etc. 

Wearing: Palm Beach Sandals recently sent me the cutest monogrammed sandals. I love how neutral they are so they will pair with everything. They were so generous to give me a code to share with you all. Code SYDNEY50 will get you $50 off. That makes the classic sandals just $98 and the monogrammed sandals just $148! 
Eating: I'm getting ahead of myself as I definitely don't want to eat chili right now in this heat, but you are going to want to bookmark this chili recipe for the upcoming season. I am telling you, it is the best chili in the entire world. Our friends tried it when we brought it to a get-together and literally bought a crockpot just so they could make this recipe. It makes a TON of chili but the best part is that it freezes so nicely. We sometimes make a huge batch just for the two of us and then freeze the rest for weeks to come! It really comes in handy when we have nothing for dinner and we can just pull this delicious chili right out of the freezer!

Listening: My friend Sarah was on a Podcast recently and while I'm not a big podcast listener, I love to listen whenever my friends are on podcasts! Loved hearing her story and wisdom. It's totally worth a listen, you will love it! 

Loving: Lulu finally came out with another color of their half zip pullover and it's beautiful! I have this in black and wear it all of the time. It made my 'best of February list'. I have wanted it in another color but the good ones sell out so quickly so I have been holding out for a color that I love. I just noticed the natural ivory is back in stock and the new waterdrop color and now I can't decide between the two, ha!! Anyway, I totally recommend this pullover!
Wanting: Hear me out on this one... this looks like Vera Bradley in the best way. I totally want it. Nostalgia but cute at the same time. Here for it! It looks like my code for 15% off still works! The code is SUMMERWIND15 for 15% off! I also think the nightgown in the same print is adorable. This sweater set is alllll over the internet right now. I wouldn't really consider it my personal style and yet I kind of want it!!! It looks so incredibly cozy! 

Amazon Rec: Quilted jackets are very 'in' right now and in anticipation of fall, I just ordered this jacket which is under $40. I think it's so cute and the perfect lightweight layer for fall! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

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