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Hope you are all having a wonderful week! This post has been written ahead of time so I don't have much real-time to update you all on, BUT still, lots to chat about! 

First, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who chimed in on Monday's blog post! First of all, some of you said some incredibly kind things about my content and I have to tell you that your support made me tear up... I truly don't think you all can imagine how much it means to me, so thank you.

Secondly, I am constantly blown away at how thoughtful you all are in your commentary and the eloquence in which you express your opinions. I really think that the internet can be a tough place at times and it's so easy for people to just spew off random, sometimes rude/inappropriate/hurtful/offensive things but in this 'community' that we have here, I really feel that although we all have differing of opinions, locations where we live, our ages, our interests, careers, etc. that the respectfulness in which you all carry yourself is commendable. One of the things that I worry about, as I spend a lot of time on social media is the nastiness in comment sections of things like TikTok, Instagram, etc. Even on simple posts about things like baking!! Whenever I read such meanness, I always think of impressionable young kids who are also consuming what we are consuming and watching how we, grown adults, are behaving online. I truly hope young women see the way you all carry yourselves behind a screen because I think it's exemplary. Anyway, all that to say a very heartfelt, thank you! 

I spent SO much time the past two weeks prepping content for this trip in terms of making sure there is new content on my site as usual. I wanted to work ahead and schedule everything so that I could really unplug and have fun! I would stay up until midnight or 1am (which is so not me) just to make sure I was getting enough done. It kind of reminded me of the days when I was working a full-time day job and blogging after hours! I will still be answering some emails, posting to Instagram/TikTok, and linking outfits when I can. Otherwise, I worked SO hard to get it all done ahead of time and I'm in relaxation mode! Phew. It feels SO good. Blog posts are very time-consuming- it's truly something I enjoy doing but time-consuming nonetheless. 

Last week I popped into Pottery Barn and they were all set up for the fall season. I am still very much in summer mode. I don't really switch to fall mode until after Labor Day but it was fun to see the new seasonal displays! I'm also not a huge seasonal decorator. Christmas is when I go all out (at least for my standards) and otherwise, you can't really tell what season it is when you're in my home. BUT, I saw these Terracotta Pumpkins and loved them. I probably would have purchased them on the spot but they were a little small for what I had in mind. I think they would be darling sitting by our front door but these were more tabletop-sized. Cute, but I'm just not sure I have a place for them! If you do, snag them because they were just darling. 

This past weekend was spent cleaning the house as I always like to clean a bunch before a trip so that when we get back, it's less stressful! We also ran a bunch of errands that we have been putting off and then headed to a close friend's engagement party! Low-key and fun all at the same time! 

Wearing: I love love love this black tweed Dress. It is so classic. I love it so much I am truly considering ordering the red version, which is SO cute with pearl details. I think the red could be fabulous during the holiday season. I am wearing a size small! 

Drinking: My go-to Starbucks drink in the afternoon is an iced unsweetened black tea with a splash of a lighter Arnold Palmer. SO good. In general, I love Starbucks black tea because it is strong and flavorful! 

Reading: An article about how to store cucumbers that I didn't know I needed!

Recommending: It's 90 degrees out and you are all going to think I'm nuts for bringing this up. But, timing is of the essence. The Ugg mini boots are fully in stock, here. Listen, I know they started to become hugely popular again last year and the mini Uggs sold out SO fast. I somehow scored a pair last year. I never stopped wearing Uggs. They are not the cutest but my goodness are they warm, easy and can be slipped on quickly. I will never give up my Uggs no matter how out of fashion they are. Anyway, I do think the mini has a slightly more polished look than many of the other styles. Order now or forever hold your peace!

Listening: I am not a huge podcast listener but I downloaded some podcast episodes for my flight called 'How'd She Do That'. After listening to one with Sarah Tucker, who is just the best, I realized that Emily, the host, interviews so many amazing women! 

Loving: Have you all seen Williams Sonoma's' Hold Everything' line? It's giving me Container Store vibes but this seems like the more sophisticated older sister. 
Loving II: Over the past several months, I've had people request that I share some men's fashion geared towards dressing their significant others! I don't share my husband all that much on my website or social media and I plan to keep it that way, but I will be happy to share some of the clothing that he wears! I am, of course, biased but I do think he dresses well. Anyway, he just got these jeans (in the dark miller wash) and they look so sharp on him. I don't love jeans on men, period, but my husband likes to wear jeans from time to time. He has never found a tailored, nicer pair until he came across these! They are classic, a nice dark wash which I think makes them 'dressier' and fit nicely (not too slim). He loves that they are very comfortable and easy to wear. My husband got his regular size that he typically wears in dress pants and chinos (does men's clothing run as variable as women's does?!). 
Wanting: I've never ordered something faster. I LOVE this makeup brand and they just came out with a prostaglandin-free eyelash and eyebrow growth serum. I used to use Grande Lash and while it worked SO well, it ended up tinting my skin around my eyes reddish brown. I didn't like this and so I stopped using the product. I looked into why this was happening and it is due to the active ingredient in most growth serums. The ingredient is called 'prostaglandin' and the reddish/brown skin discoloration I was experiencing is a common side effect. I also learned that this ingredient can promote premature aging with fat loss around the eyes. I will never use a prostaglandin product again! I am thinking that because this doesn't have prostaglandin in it, it won't work as well as serums that do but I am hoping it works at least a bit because I loved how the Grande Lash made my brows and lashed look! Fingers crossed. I will report back. Ok and now to fashion... THESE SHOES OMG. Ok and how about this printed puffer?! 

Pittsburgh: Jade Grille is one of my favorites in Pittsburgh. We got takeout there a few nights ago and it never disappoints! The Lo Mein is my favorite- they make their noodles in-house from scratch! 

Amazon Rec: How cute is this set of three blue and white ginger jars for under $60?! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Quoting: 'The temptation to quit will be the greatest just before you are about to succeed.' // See more of my favorites, here.

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Kelly C said...

Thanks for sharing the men's jeans! My fiancé does not shop, period, and now all of his clothes need replacing. I love hearing where other dapper gentlemen find their clothes.


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