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Outfit Idea for Long-Haul Red-Eye Flight

Outfit Idea for Long-Haul Red-Eye Flight
Striped Cardigan (can be worn forwards or backward!)

So as I've mentioned like 10 times by now, we are off to Europe today! I'm beyond excited but the traveling part makes me a bit nervous considering there is so much that could go wrong. My fingers and toes are crossed it all goes to plan. 

Anyway, I thought I would share with you all what I will wear on our 9-hour flight. We requested an upgrade using points for lie-flat seats but haven't found out if we have been upgraded yet. Again, fingers and toes are crossed! I'm definitely going to try and sleep on this flight. I think I'm going to try and watch a movie or do some work depending on how the wifi is, have a glass of wine, and then try to sleep the rest of the flight. It's a red-eye flight and we land in Rome at 8:15am.

Comfort is key for a long flight but I am not one of those people that will show up in a sweatsuit in public. Some people look so chic in them, but I don't feel my best in a sweatsuit. Oddly enough, I've only ever flown red-eye long-haul flights in the winter months and that's easy because I just wear black leggings and a black cashmere sweater layered over a tee. It's August and it's not only warm here in Pittsburgh, but when we land in Rome, the temp will likely be in the 90s. Airports and planes are obviously temperature regulated so I also needed to account for that. So, I tried to come up with something a little more 'real clothes' looking that still feels like I am wearing pajamas and is seasonally appropriate. 

Bra// This is the most comfortable bra on the planet. It has no padding and is the smoothest and softest material. 

$15 White Tee// No matter the season, when traveling, I like to layer with a base layer of cotton because it is best at regulating temperature and is most breathable, plus, it's a natural fiber. This is my favorite white tee. 

Sleep Mask// This sleep mask is better than any I have ever used before. It is padded, even around the ears, and fully covers my eyes so it becomes completely black when I close my eyes. 

Striped Cardigan (can be worn forwards or backward!)// This is neat because you can reverse it but it's also cotton so it will be the perfect layer to have while still being able to breathe. I likely won't need anything heavier than something like this on our trip so I wanted to bring a neutral, simple cardigan in case I need to wear it at some point while on the trip. 

No Show Socks// This is what I will wear with my sneakers as they don't show and are soft and comfortable. 

Compression Socks// I have never flown with compression socks before but I follow the founder of 'The Points Guy' called Brian Kelly and he recommended wearing compression socks on long flights. There's something called DVT and you can get a blood clot while sitting on a plane for many hours. I literally have no idea how common this is but the thing that sold me on them is that he also talked about how your body can swell on a plane and this will keep you from having puffy feet and ankles when getting off the flight. I guess better safe than sorry but will be glad to have these regardless to keep my feet and ankles warm in flight! These are called 'maternity' socks, no idea why! I liked that it came in a two-pack so I'll have one pair for the flight there and then one pair for the flight home. 

 Linen Pants (also love these)//  My favorite linen pants. Linen is inherently wrinkly looking and these actually don't wrinkle all that bad for linen so I think this is a safe choice. They are dark so if I spill something, it won't be as noticeable. The pants are lined but totally breathable and feel like roomy pajama pants. I also have them in white! 

Sneakers// I have 4 or 5 different pairs of white sneakers and I'm still trying to narrow down which two pair I will bring with me but I think these are what I will end up wearing on the flight. They are comfortable and really easy to slip on and off. 

Cashmere Travel Wrap// I take one of these on every single flight no matter how short. They are so cozy and can be used as a wrap or blanket or even folded up and can be a make-shift pillow. 

Neck Pillow// I gave my husband my old neck pillow and ordered this one for myself. It has really good reviews so we shall see! 
Here's a quick mirror snap that I took ahead of time. I will try to get a photo of my airport outfit in 'action' and you'll be able to see that via Instagram! 

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Unknown said...

Hi Sydney! I think this is the perfect travel outfit, thank you for sharing. The perfect mix of put together yet comfortable.

I was wondering if you could do a post/ would be interested in doing a post on splurge items for yourself. Gifts to get yourself if you get a promotion, turn a certain age, get through a tough time. I absolutely love your style and would be interested in your ideas for this. I just received a promotion and am turning 30 and would love to get myself something nice! I have been looking at Hermes scarves as an example.

Enjoy your trip and stay safe!! Can’t wait to see a recap on the blog.


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