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Happy September! Can you believe that it is already the 9th month of the year? I really can't!

We are still away having the best time, but it's crazy when we get back, Labor Day will have passed and we will soon be into the fall season. Wild. I don't want to rush a thing. I love September and October sooooooo much that I want to take my time and really try to focus and savor the season and all of the wonderful things that come with it!
Wearing: Newly in love with the brand D'Ascoli and this dress, specifically! 

drink poppi
Drinking: I'm newly loving this drink called Poppi. You can find it at Target and Whole Foods. I've only tried the strawberry lemon so far but I've heard there are many other delicious flavors. It's hard to describe what it is like but it's sparkling water with a heavier flavor to it compared to drinks like La Croix. I guess what sets it apart is that it has apple cider vinegar in it and can be considered a 'prebiotic'. It's short on the ingredients and contains 4g of sugar so it's not completely calorie-free like regular sparkling water is... though the calorie count is minimal, I think the strawberry lemon only has 15 calories for the entire can! Anyway, try them out. They are SO good! 

Eating: I already placed my Hungryroot order to arrive when we get back. It's making me feel so organized because I know we will have fresh, healthy groceries delivered right when we get home. Their pesto is my absolute favorite thing but everything we have ever ordered is so delicious. I did a collaboration with the brand back in April and have since continued to be a paying customer. I LOVE this grocery service.

Sale: SO many good Tuckernuck items on major sale. Code YOURULE give you 20% off!! 

 As we head toward the fall season, does anyone else crave to watch the Harry Potter movies? I've watched all Harry Potter films about a million and one times- I saw them all in theaters when they came out and yet it's one of those things that just never gets old. Anyway, I think they give me a 'cozy' feeling for some reason that I associate with fall! 

Reading: Continuing on with the topic of Harry Potter, have you all re-read the books recently? I've been thinking about starting from the beginning again. They are just my absolute favorites and I have not read them in SO long. The movies are wonderful but the books are a million times better, in my opinion. 

Listening: This Jazz for Autumn playlist on Spotify is so good! 
Loving: My favorite, Lake Pajamas, sent me this beautiful nightgown from their new arrivals. It is SO comfortable and done in their signature super soft Pima cotton. I brought it with me on our trip to use as a 'getting ready' dress to have on as I get ready! 

Pittsburgh: I'm not a big smoothie person but every once in a while I will crave something fruity. I got this delicious acai bowl at Salud in Pittsburgh and it was SO good. If you are local, definitely check them out!
Amazon Rec: This sunglasses and scarf combo has me feeling retro in the best way! Horrible photo, but you get the idea! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Traveling: We don't really have anything crazy planned in terms of travel for the rest of the year. We are going to Charlotte to visit my sister and we might be doing a trip for my mom's birthday to Niagra on the Lake (Canada) and then we are likely going to Florida after Christmas! I am SO sad we will be missing Keeneland again this as we have a wedding to go to (the same thing happened last year- we had a wedding) but I am really hoping to be able to go in the spring or next fall. I personally prefer fall Keeneland vs. spring! 

Quoting: 'To make living an art itself, that is the goal.' - Henry Miller // See more of my favorites, here.

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