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A few weeks ago, I put a question box up on my Instagram stories asking you all to submit things you would like to see as we near the latter half of the summer! Some of the questions/content requests you all submitted weren't really big enough to make a post out of so I thought I would bundle some of the smaller requests into a Q+A style blog post! 

The photos above really don't have anything to do with this blog post, I just wanted to share some photos from our trip! I just got this Scalloped Dress and have been loving it. It's the perfect thing to lounge in and I've also been throwing it on to run around town or as a swimsuit coverup. 

What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
Currently, I am using this shampoo and this conditioner. I read in a magazine 10-15 years ago that you should finish a full bottle of shampoo and conditioner and then start a new brand/kind to give your hair a refresh/rest. I have no idea about the legitimacy of this but for some reason, it has always stuck with me and that's what I will often do! I always come back to this shampoo and this conditioner, though. It's so hydrating and makes my hair so healthy and shiny. It doesn't hurt that is smells wonderful, too! 

Do you steam all of your stuff or do you also have an iron?
I mostly steam my stuff. I have this steamer and love it. I just think a steamer is so much quicker and does a better job with most fabrics. It's also so much easier to steam my bed linens while they are on the bed vs. ironing them before they go on the bed. I do have an iron, though. I actually prefer this mini iron because most of the things that I iron are things like napkins where you really need that super crisp press. The small iron is also perfect for detail ruffles and things like that on clothing as the small tip of the iron can navigate pretty much anything. My husband's stuff requires an iron more than mine does but he mostly dry cleans things that need a good press. 

Have you watched the new Father of the Bride movie? What did you think?
I haven't had a chance to yet! I saw the trailer and it looked OK. A lot of people have asked me this which I am assuming is because I love the Father of the Bride 1991 movie so much. Many have said they are disappointed in the new one. My response to them has been that I would just think of this as a completely separate thing - these are two different movies with similar storylines and the same name but this isn't a Nancy Meyer's movie and it was made for TV, so my expectations are not high to begin! 

Can you talk about how you decorate?
I am honestly not sure what exactly goes through my head when I decorate, ha! I have always felt like I just don't have the skill of interiors. My issue is that I know what I like but I feel like I never fully execute it how I am envisioning it in my mind. I do, however, enjoy decorating. I'd say my taste is pretty traditional. I'm always drawn to masculine interiors- I like wood-paneled walls, rich Oriental rugs, leather, mahogany, etc. I love the Polo Bar in NYC, for example, but just cannot execute that on my own. But, at the same time, I do love blue and white/ginger jars, grasscloth, bamboo, etc. Basically, I just buy what I like. I am not one to rush anything. I wait until I find something I can't live without.

Mascara recommendations? I'm looking for one that doesn't smudge.
I've recently been loving L'Oreal Telescopic mascara and Honest which has a dual side (one side has the white primer). I really like them both and neither smudge nor flake! My biggest issue with so many mascaras would be that they would melt on my upper eyelid or they would flake all over my face under my eyes. I think the white primer on the Honest mascara is a game-changer. I love how much bolder it makes my lashes look. 

Thoughts on Golden Goose sneakers?
You know, I don't really like to speak badly of something because I don't want to offend anyone that thinks otherwise. Golden Goose is personally not for me but I totally respect those that choose to wear them and am not judging anyone one way or another- you just won't see me in them! 

What is one thing you spent too much money on that you would buy again? 
Without hesitation, my Mason Pearson hairbrush. I have the 'popular' version which is a large brush with a mixture of boar and nylon bristles. It's the most money I have ever spent on a hairbrush. It's honestly a little ridiculous in terms of price, but at the same time, I have absolutely no regrets. If I lost this hair brush or something happened to it, I would repurchase it. 

Sezane review? I want to order from the brand but never have before. 
I like Sezane! They have some nice quality, classic things. I haven't ordered from the brand in quite some time (probably over a year ago) but when I have in the past, the clothes always come heavily scented which really bothers me. The scent is not bad, it's decently pleasant, but it's so strongly scented that it just really bothers me. I am not sure if they still do that or not. I'd order something from the brand again if I felt that I just had to have it, but it's not a site I check weekly or anything like that. 

Any clothes on your wish list that are investments/splurges?
Not really! I will say I really want a MaxMara camel coat. I've always admired the classic camel wrap coat but I was heavily influenced when I watched the 'Anatomy of a Scandal' on Netflix. Sienna Miller's outfits in that show were just stunning. $3k for a coat is too much for my budget, though. If I ever got one, I'd have to find something less costly! Otherwise, we are kind of in that 'in between' period where the summer stuff has started to go on sale and fewer new summer arrivals have popped up. We are headed towards fall in terms of retail but it is slowly trickling in. Ask me this again at the end of the month and I will likely have a better answer. But I will say for fall, I've been really loving browns! 

Where do you find your ginger jars?
All over the place! Antique shops, HomeGoods, eBay, Etsy, One King's Lane, Amazon, etc. 

Thoughts on the fisherman sandal trend?
That is a big no for me personally. I think they would cut off my leg in a weird way and look unflattering on me. But honestly, I'm not really the person to ask about trends. Sometimes I can get behind a trend or try to make a trend a little more classic, but usually not. It took me a long time to even warm up to bike shorts and I didn't even wear ripped jeans until like 2015. I think some people look so fabulous in things I would never wear myself... I'm one of those 'good for her, not for me' people when it comes to trends. 

Reno-ing our kitchen, what would you do for a backsplash? Cabinets?
I'm honestly not sure. Maybe a matching backsplash with the same thing that you use for the countertops- ex. marble, quartz, etc (example). Or something simple, neutral, and timeless like subway tile (example). We have subway tile with white grout and while I didn't get to pick it, I honestly really like it. It just kind of blends in. For cabinets, I would probably do a creamy neutral- probably a creamy white. We have bright white cabinets, which I did choose, and while I like them, I do find them to be a bit stark. I wouldn't choose bright white again. I think something creamy would align more with my personal decor tastes! I think creamy also looks so good with a dark marble/quartz/granite (example). I also really like the idea of brown wood cabinets with white granite/quartz/marble (example). If I was redoing a kitchen, I would also fully take into consideration what is easier to clean/keep clean. Our white cabinets are actually not terrible in terms of cleaning but I think a warmer cabinet might hide things better. I would also be concerned about dark countertops/cabinets (like black or navy blue) because I think those would show splatters and fingerprints more. I had these awful granite countertops in my apartment kitchen- they were so speckled that they camouflaged things like crumbs and it drove me nuts trying to keep them clean! From living in our current home, we have dark wood floors, which I love the look of but oh my gosh they show every single speck of anything. Footprints, paw prints, water splashes, dog hair, scratches. It's so crazy frustrating. I vacuum and mop every other day because I cannot stand my floors looking even remotely dirty. I don't think I'd ever choose dark floors again, even though I prefer the look of dark more. Sorry, that was longwinded, but I'd just try to keep things as classic and neutral as you can, avoid trends, and keep in mind functionality/upkeep.

Ever considered ditching the blonde hair? I am a fellow blonde and sometimes the upkeep drives me nuts!
Never say never but I have not considered going darker. Any stylist I have ever gone to has always said my hair works so well with blonde and always discourages me from going too dark. I know some people have issues with blonde because it can be really damaging but I think because each individual strand of my hair is so thick and I have SO much hair, that my hair isn't bothered by the lightener. 

I agree the time and money I have spent being blonde over the years is outrageous- I kind of don't even want to think about it! My hair is kind of like my 'thing', I feel like it's become a huge part of me and a signature of my style. I've had long blonde hair since I was 14 and never looked back!

Will you be purchasing your forever home anytime soon? 
Probably not, but if the right house in the right location popped up for sale, then maybe. I feel like we are in a really good position right now where we are both space-wise, neighborhood-wise, and financially so we likely won't start looking seriously for another, at least 2 more years... longer if the state of the market is not favorable.

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that you would recommend?
I'm a bracelet person. If I had to choose between necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings I would always choose bracelets. I like yellow gold, just a personal preference that I think looks better with my skin tone. I have a few gold/diamond bangles that I wear daily and would recommend them. They are classic, simple, and good for daily wear! I also think any simple solid gold piece of jewelry is so nice. These types of things you'll have forever. A classic gold band ring, a gold signet ring, gold stud earrings, a solid gold bangle, etc. Currently on my wish list is a chunky half diamond band ring (I've honestly been leaning towards an oval cut band) for my right hand, and some sort of cocktail ring (I really like sapphire, aquamarine, emerald, tanzanite, London blue topaz, and citrine when it comes to colored stones). I haven't seen a cocktail ring within the budget that I'm dying for yet but I will know when I see it. Also, I have a pair of sapphire and diamond hoop earrings on my wish list that are from Diamonds Direct. I saw them last year and no joke have not stopped thinking about them since! I LOVE jewelry. When it comes to 'things', I would sooner spend money on jewelry than shoes, bags, fancy cars, etc. Exactly why I don't have that Max Mara coat- I'd much rather spend $3k on jewelry vs. a coat!

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