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Gift Guide 2022: For The Gents

holiday gift guide ideas for men
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Happy Monday and Happy Halloween! I hope you all have something fun and festive planned for today! I am making creamy chicken chili in the crockpot and we are going to have a glass of wine while handing out candy! 

Moving on to our gift guides today! There are two guides so scroll down further to see the second one! These are all things that the guys in my life love or want- mostly influenced by my dad and husband here! 

Golf Shirt// Peter Millar has been my husband's favorite golf shirt brand as of late. He also loves RhoBack. He basically only wears golf shirts in the summer months as his weekend/evening casual outfits. 

Crew Socks// These are my husband's go to socks, I also love this brand so much and basically are the only socks I buy! 

40 oz Tumbler// I got my husband this tumbler last year for Christmas and he loves it! He uses it every single day. He's a Yeti guy and he still says he would choose this over a Yeti for water!

Ooni Pizza Oven// This is my husband's pride and joy and if you like pizza, this is also a gift that you will certainly benefit from. It's a pizza oven that is portable. We have the propane version but you can also get a wood chip version. My husband has watched SO many YouTube videos and read so many blogs about making the best neopolitan style pizzas and he has officially nailed it with the pizzas. He has started on trying different styles of pizza now that he has perfected the neopolitan. I think they are better than any pizza we ate in Italy- and those were incredible. I will say, it took him a lot of trial and error and a lot of research to get to this point, so keep that in mind! I keep telling him I need him to do a guest post sharing all of his tips and tricks and all of the accessories and ingredients he has purchased to make sure he can make the best pizza. He makes every part of the pizza from scratch and only buys the highest quality ingredients. 

Fleece Vest// These are my husband's favorite fleece vests. He has a few brands, all very similar in style to this one but he loves the LL Bean brand ones the best. They are a staple in his winter wardrobe. I know my dad loves these vests, too!

Garment Bag// This was on my husband's wish list last year and again this year. It's one of those things you just don't really think about until you need one. He usually borrow's mine (which is Barrington) and so I need to keep this in mind when I need a good gift idea for him in the future! 

Custom Pet Cufflinks// I got these for my husband for Christmas this year and OH MY GOSH. They are so good. You can see them in action, here. They are handmade. It's unbelievable how much they look like Henry. I don't know how I am going to be able to keep these from him until Christmas, ha!! He loves anything to do with Henry so I am sure he will absolutely love these! My husband doesn't wear french cuff shirts much but I think a quirky tux item is the BEST thing to have and this is so it. I purchased them on October 10th and received them on October 27th so if you are planning on ordering these, give yourself about a 3 week buffer period. Meaning, to receive by Christmas, I would not order these any later than the week of November 29th. You ca see at the top of the Etsy shop they update the shipping/processing time so keep an eye on that. 

Watch// I got my husband this watch for our first anniversary. It's relatively inexpensive in the watch world- nowhere near the cost of something like a Rolex. It's a really good looking watch and great quality for the price. It has a sporty look to it- not super dressy. It's more of any everyday watch than a dress watch. He wears it all the time! My husband isn't a big watch guy, but my dad loves them. My mom bought him a Tag as a wedding gift back when they got married so that is kind of how I made my decision on brand!

Golf Shoe Bag// I love the look of this golf shoe bag- so simple and sleek. A necessity if you have a golfer in your life! 

The Rich Cream// I bought my mom this face cream for her birthday after she used mine when we were on a trip. She said she noticed an overnight difference in the tightness and overall her skin just looked better. It has a cult following but is very expensive. I was gifted my bottle from CosBar so I did not purchase it. When I tried it, I so badly wanted to hate it because of the price tag. But I loved it. It moisturizes my skin in a way I've never seen a moisturizer work. I have started using this morning and night- it makes my makeup look so glowy and dewy looking. Anyway, we were driving in the car a few weeks ago and I complimented my husband on his skin. It looked plump and moisturized and his pores looked smaller. I thought he was just doing a good job keeping up with his regular routine as he sometimes slacks off! Well, he smirks and says 'I ran out of my moisturizer so I have been using yours'. He had NO idea about the cream or the price or anything. I started to crack up but I also asked 'wait how much are you using each time?!!!!' This is a fun gift to give- the small size is under $100 so it's good for someone who wants to try it without committing any further financial-wise or a good gift when your budget is under $100. When I run out of my bottle, I'll be purchasing a full-size bottle, for, I guess my husband and I to share (HA!), and while I will cringe as I spend a ridiculous amount of money for cream, it's really that good. 

Dopp Kit // My grammie got my husband this dopp kti one year for Christmas and whenever I ask him what I should put on my men's gift guide, he tells me this because he loves it so much! My grammie also got my brother-in-law one and he loves it, too. It hangs so you don't need to use counter space when traveling! 

Yeti Tumbler// I've been converted to Yeti tumblers by my entire family. My mom, dad, husband, etc. all love Yeti and my husband got me a monogrammed tumbler for my birthday and I love it so much! You can personalize the tumbler on the Yeti website but I notice there are more color options on other websites.  

Travel Watch Box// I think this is so handsome. A lot of our weekend travels are wedding-focused so this is a great little travel box to hold things like cufflinks, buttons, etc. for a tux or a watch. 

Loafers// My brother-in-law and husband both have these. They are a splurge but SO handsome. I have the mules but I want a pair of the loafers for myself! Such a classic and a pair of shoes you will have for a lifetime if you take good care of them. 

Needlepoint Belt// My dad has so many of these belts. They are so nice! I wish I needlepointed, if I did, I would try and make one on my own! They run true to size- a rule for men's belts is that you usually get his belt size in 2-3 sizes up from their waist pants size. For example, if the guy wears a 34 in pants, you would get a 36 in a belt. 

Solo Stove// This is currently on my dad's wish list. It's a fire stove where you don't need a pit or anything around it, you just put firewood in the center and light it and there you go, you immediately have a campfire. It's also low on smoke and firewood scent which is nice!

holiday gift guide ideas for men
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Hat// My husband says this is the best hat. He has SO many baseball hats so I am thinking that's a really big deal that he is saying this is the best hat ever. 

Travel Manicure Set// This is a cute little set for on-the-go/travel because men like to have nicely manicured nails, too! 

Custom Dog Rocks Glass// I got my husband this a while ago and it's amazing. They custom etch your dog (or child or really could be anyone or anything) into a rocks glass! 

Quilted Pullover// My husband and dad's favorite pullover! It's a soft jersey/cotton type of fabric but the quilting gives it a little bit of weight without being too heavy. 

Retro Uno// There are a bunch of retro style games out there. My husband loves Uno so that's why I pulled this one but I think it could be a cool gift for a parent or grandparent- nostalgic! 

Golf Scorecard Holder// I think this is a cute little extra that a guy might not buy for himself! 

Infared Thermometer// My husband uses this for the Ooni but you can use for cooking in any situation- grill, oven, etc. 

Espresso Machine// I love our Nespresso machine but this is on my husband's 'buy' list. It's a little pricey but under $1000 and gets good reviews. Plus, I think it's attractive! 

Hand Cream// This is so inexpensive and makes for a good stocking stuffer. It's no-frills but does the job. 

Chippo Game// This is a fun backyard game whether your hosting a BBQ or just want to work on your chipping. 

Slippers// My dad wants new slippers for Chrsitmas and both my dad and husband always wear LLBean's wicked good slippers. They are so well-made and hold up for many years before you need to replace them. 

Boots// Everye single person in my family has these boots. They are a Pittsburgh necessity- a perfect thing for anyone that lives in a snowy climate! 

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Susan R said...

I see that your father had the SOLO stove on his list...this isn't what you burnt your foot on is it? My daughter and son in law have one and I'm not really a fan. It doesn't cut out as much smoke as they say it will and the outside gets incredibly hot. I realize all fire pits do this, but if you have dogs or small children, it's just an accident waiting to happen.


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