Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Gift Guide 2022: Small Business

Gift Guide 2022: Small Business

Today's gift guide is chock full of gifts available from small businesses! This is, of course, not exhaustive in any way but I think this is a good mix of things from clothing to jewelry to candles to apparel and more! 

I add all of my gift guide content to the LikeToKnowIt app so you can shop it via the app as I know many of you are on the app and enjoy shopping that way. However, with the small business gift guide, please note that many of these brands are not on the LTK platform and therefore cannot be linked. This blog post will be the best spot to shop these gifts with links to small businesses! 

If you have a small business that you love, drop the name/info in the comments and other people will be able to check out the comments and shop from there, too! 

Other Small Businesses I Love:

Also to note, influencers/content creators are small businesses! AKA, me! I'm a small business! Making a purchase through an influencer's commissionable link is a way to support your favorite content creators this holiday season at no cost to your wallet! Thank you so much for your support and kindness- I appreciate it SO much! 

A free way to support small businesses is to like, comment, view, share, and click on the content that they put out on social media! If your favorite bakery posts a delicious photo of a pastry that you love, liking or commenting will let the algorithm know that people like the post, and the social platform will likely show that post to more people leading to more exposure for the small business!

And besides small businesses that are available to everyone around the country, I wanted to highlight some local small businesses right here in Pittsburgh! You can get a gift card or set something up with one of these businesses for anyone on your list this year! 

Local Pittsburgh Businesses:
- Mediterra 
- Little Tokyo
- 350 Bakery 
- Mt. Lebanon Shoe Repair
- La Prima Espresso
- Sarris Candy 
- Mosaic Linens
- Mt. Lebanon Floral 
- Mineo's Pizza 
- Pusadee's Garden
- Gi Jin
- Envy Nails 
- MaxCole Salon 
- Carnegie Coffee Co. 
- Reveal Spa (spray tan)
- Orange Theory (locations are franchised)
- No. 14 Boutique 
- Shop412 
- Urbaowicz Jewelers
- Eventioneers Event Rentals 
- WetGo (car wash subscription) 
- Penn Mac
- Linda Barnicott
-Rollier's Hardware 
- Resonance Violins Mt. Lebanon
- Grandpa Joe's Candy
- Bridal Beginnings
- Noodlehead 
- Dianoias

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Nancy said...

This is fantastic! Love to shop small!

A great gift small business gift for men is Magnolia League natural men's skincare!

Unknown said...

@TheStudioQuinn www.thestudioquinn.com
Interior Accessories, unique sets of thoughtfully curated items. Amazing hostess, housewarming, or holiday gifts!

Amanda said...

Petite Keep is great! Beautiful product and forever keepsake itself (along with the keepsakes inside!)!

Amanda said...

Petite Keep is great! Beautiful product and forever keepsake (along with the keepsakes stored inside!)!


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