Thursday, November 3, 2022


Our little trick-or-treat setup before I set it out. Surprisingly, the water was a huge hit- I was restocking that all night long!

I hope you are all having a great start to your November! This week was good! 

Halloween was Monday and I was blown away at how many children we had come by for Trick-or-Treat! My husband saved the day by coming home with more candy because we ran out of what I had originally bought! I should have counted how much we went through! It was great to see all of our neighbors out and about. It all felt so lively and festive. My husband and I sat outside with our glasses of wine, chatted with some neighbor friends, and handed out candy. It was actually warm, which is somewhat unusual for Halloween in Pittsburgh, so we soaked it up! I also noticed and appreciated how mannerly almost all of the children were. They greeted us with 'trick or treat' or 'happy Halloween and said please and thank you! It was really sweet and I appreciated their good manners. It's wonderful to see parents still teaching their children to be polite and mannerly! I've said this before but I love our neighborhood- everyone is friendly and welcoming and I think it makes for such a nice atmosphere for holidays like this!

We had dinner with our neighbors at their house this week which was great. We also have dinner plans tomorrow night at one of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh (in my opinion). I can't wait! It's so hard to get a reservation- my husband made it months in advance! It's delicious but it's also just really small inside! 

My parents are in Bermuda for the week so we are watching their dog, Buddy, who I love so much! He is such a goofball. He's just about 2.5 now (they rescued him from Kentucky at age 1) and he is so playful and full of energy. Henry and Buddy get along but I wouldn't really say they are besties. Henry is the alpha/dominant and he doesn't really play with Buddy, he just takes all of the toys and taunts buddy with them. Henry fully knows what he is doing and poor, sweet Buddy just wants to play and be friends with Henry, ha! It is fascinating to see the two of them interact. I feel like it's some sort of animal behavioral science lesson. I keep telling Buddy to stick up for himself- maybe one day he will learn, haha!!!

I made a commitment to myself to row every single day this week. I have the Ergatta water rower which I love soooo much. I haven't gone back to Orange Theory since I burnt my foot in early October. I thought I might this week but my foot needed a bit longer to heal so I am thinking next week it is! I'm thankful that I have the rower to keep me somewhat in shape! 
Sweater// Jeans
// Boots
*Vest is the liner to this jacket

Wearing: We went out to dinner to a casual spot in our neighborhood on Saturday night and this is what I wore! We sat outside with a glass of wine for a bit before we were seated at our table which was so nice! This is what I wore! Everything fits TTS.  

Watching: We watched The Watcher which is on Netflix and I would call it suspenseful/mysterious. It wasn't my favorite but worth the watch for the mom's clothes alone. She wears such beautiful, elegant neutral outfits! 

Listening: Someone asked for a link to my Spotify Christmas playlist so I thought I would share it. I am obviously biased but it is a great mix. I typically ease into the Christmas music with more of a Christmas jazz mix and then go full-on Christmas music as we get closer to Thanksgiving! Otherwise, I'll be sick of it by the time Christmas rolls around, ha! 

Loving: Poppi ginger lime is another Poppi drink flavor I am loving! I love how ginger-heavy it is! 
Wanting: This set of 4 ornaments is kind of $$ but oh my goodness they are stunning! I just LOVE ornaments! Ok and this dress?! Perfection for the holiday season and beyond! This sweater is just gorgeous- such a classic. On my wish-list! I also love this one!

Pittsburgh: Light-up night is coming up on Saturday, November 19th! I think we are going downtown for it which will be fun! I haven't been in years. 

Amazon Rec: I'm in full-on Christmas mode over here with decor and all of that. I have to be for my job but I also enjoy it! I just got these colorful pinecone ornaments. They are small but I love that they let the light bounce off of them. They add a nice bit of color and texture. I wish they made them in a larger size, too! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Traveling: We are going nowhere this month and I am truly thrilled about it! 

Quoting: 'If you live for people's acceptance, then you'll die from their rejection.'- Lecrae // See more of my favorites, here.

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Susan R said...

Regarding your Spotify "Jazz for Autumn" playlist: Love it! I have it going the whole day at my house.


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