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Sephora Sale Picks

What I consider a full face of makeup. No filter and no editing.

I say this often but I like makeup and love to discover new products, however, I'm also someone who prefers a more natural look. During the weekdays, I'm often not wearing any makeup, and when I do, I don't like to put a ton on or use something that has a ton of coverage. Even for special occasions, and even my wedding, I want to look like 'normal Sydney' if that makes sense. But I do love watching all of the Tiktoks of people doing their makeup in dramatic ways- contouring their cheekbones and doing sultry smokey eyes! It's fun and it's most definitely an art form! Some people are so incredibly talented. 

While I am certainly no makeup artist and actually don't think I'm at all talented when it comes to makeup application, I do think that I have perfected a simple, natural makeup look and even a 'glammed up' natural makeup look if that even makes sense, ha! What I do is very easy to achieve day-to-day. 

I thought I would share some of the products that I have been loving that are included in the Sephora sale as well as some items I have my eye on. If you don't know what I am talking about, Sephora does a tiered sale like this a few times a year and this is the one that they do before the holiday season. The other sale with the same structure is usually in the spring, historically around mid-April. 

All Sephora brand items are 30% off for everyone for the duration of the sale which ends on 11/7. 

Based on your Sephora status, you get a certain percentage off of your purchase within the timeframes:

Rouge 10/28-11/7 20% off 
VIB 11/1-11/7 15% off 
Insider 11/3-11/7

These tiered statuses are all bout how much you spend per year at Sephora. I have never made it to Rouge and I am sure my wallet is very pleased about this. But I actually don't shop at Sephora a ton. I really prefer CosBar and Amazon and do a lot of shopping on Nordstrom, too, for makeup/beauty/fragrance/etc. 

Anyway, most of what I use is available at Sephora so it's always nice to get a discount on brand-name makeup products that don't often go on sale. I'm actually about to run out of my Westman Atelier foundation and will snag some during this sale to save a bit of money! 

It's also good to keep in mind that this Sephora sale is not always the best 'sale' on some of these makeup brands. I really love the makeup brand Kosas and they often have sales and offer a larger percentage discount! 

Kosas Rosewater Lipstick// This is my favorite lipstick. It's what I wore on my wedding day and just works so well with my skin tone. It's a rosey pink but not too bright or flashy. Perfect for daily wear or even for special occasions. It's really creamy so it's never drying which I really love and it lasts a long time. 

Under Eye Brightener// This is one of my favorites that I have been using for years. It's something that I don't use every single time that I wear makeup but I use it when I either have bad dark circles or want my makeup to look the absolute best. 

Lash Curler// This is the BEST eyelash curler. It's truly worth all of the hype and if I lost this, I would replace it right away. 

Brow Powder// I waffle back and forth between brow powder and a brow pencil. Sometiems I think a pencil looks more natural but I find it to be much more time consuming. This powder still does the trick and is quick. I also use the darkest side as 'liner' for my eyes when I want a full face look. 

Foundation Stick// I love this foundation. I use shades 2 and 4. It's so easy to apply and blend. The coverage is buildable so you can wear it lightly during the day and amp it up in the evening if you want! 

Tinted Highlight in Peau du Rose// I love to use this as a highlighter as it has a beautiful shimmery glow to it. I can wear it totally as blush because it is decently tinted. 

Tinted Highlight Peau Du Soleil// I love this as broner. It's called a highlight but it has a lot of color and the shimmer gives it the prettiest depth. I love how much it warms up my face, especially in the winter months when I am paler. 

Bronze Balm// This is one of the newer products I have been using. It is similar to Westman Atelier products in that they come in sticks and are cream applications but this bronzer is super smooth and more sheer than most WA products. It's so creamy that it's like applying warm butter to a piece of toast- it just glides right on and kid of melts into my skin. Because of its sheerness, you can build on the color that you want and it is so natural looking. 

Blush Stick in Bichette// I love these blush sticks. A little goes a long way! 

Flawless Filter// This is always sold out for good reason. I use shade 3 and it is the perfect base for makeup for a flawless/glowy look but it is also gorgeous on its own for a 'no makeup' look. 

Brow/Lash Serum// I LOVE this serum. It is prostaglandin-free (please do your own research on this/consult your doctor). This works SO well, it just takes a bit longer than those products with prostaglandin! I use every single night on both my brows or eyelashes. 

Dior Lip Glow// I've been using this lip glow in berry for many years now. It's the prettiest color and just an overall great everyday balm. It's decently pigmented for it being a lip balm! 

Setting Powder// I love this setting powder for when I need a flawless look. It also totally helps to take the shine away in my t-zone when I need it! 

Concealer// I love my cle de peau concealer but I've been using this when I feel that I want more coverage. It's a liquid concealer and blends really nicely! It doesn't sit in my fine lines as long as I blend well! 

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Emily said...

Hi Sydney! Would you ever consider sharing a tutorial on your "glammed up" natural makeup look? I'm going to one wedding this weekend and one later in the month, and would love new ideas!


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