Thursday, November 10, 2022


Up early this week because of the clock change!

Oh my goodness, it has been a week!!! It's not even Friday yet! A good week, but busy busy busy, that's for sure! There would be times when I would look at the clock and couldn't believe it was already 5pm. I think that also has partly to do with the time change that happened last weekend! I have to say I like that the change gets me waking up extra early for a good week or two but I definitely don't love the early darkness!

It really was a lot of computer work and that kind of thing. I need to detox from looking at screens this weekend! 

We went out on a spontaneous weeknight dinner date this week which is always fun to do but other than that, nothing too crazy!
I cleaned a bunch after my parent's picked up their dog Buddy who was staying with us for a week while they were in Bermuda. I could not get over the amount of hair my vacuum cleaners picked up and that was with me vacuuming almost daily! Just crazy! 

Also, is anyone else just FLOORED that we are exactly two weeks away from Thanksgiving? I really told myself I was going to savor the fall season and, I did but it has just flown by in what feels like the absolute fastest amount of time. I mean we are just 45 days away from Christmas!!! 

It hit me when I ran to the state store late last week (that's the store that sells wine and liquor here in PA). I went because we were low on a lot of our favorite wines but as I was walking through the store, I thought, oh my gosh, I should start buying for the holidays. And in hindsight, I am so glad I did because we have had a few things pop up on our calendar where we will want to bring a bottle or two of wine, and I always bring the good bubbly to my parent's house on Thanksgiving. Apparently, there is a CO2 shortage- I figured this out because in the store, many of the champagnes had limits on how many bottles you could buy. For some, the limit was just two bottles!

Wearing: I wore this tweed jacket and casual outfit out to dinner the other night! I love this tweed jacket. It can be dressed up and down! I wear a size small and I would say it fits roomy but I am glad I didn't size down. 
Wearing II: And I wore some more tweed last weekend with this classic LBD! I LOVE this dress so much. It is so ladylike, classic and polished. I am wearing a size small and would say it fits TTS! 

Eating: I went to Trader Joe's last Friday for the first time in a really long time. They had the dog advent calendars. They sell out so quickly so now is the time to snag one! I definitely think it's more 'fun' for the owner than it is for the dog, but hey, they get an added treat each day so it's a win-win, ha!! 

Drinking: I love love love Poppi drinks. This ginger lime is SO good. I've been having them around 2-3pm when I want a little 'treat' and these really do it for me. They are just so refreshing, have a bubbly/sparkling aspect to them and are flavorful without being overly sweet. 

 The Crown just launched on Netflix! I love this show and am so excited to start this new season! We also started a show on Amazon called The Peripheral. It is a futuristic/sci-fi style show which is not totally my thing usually but both my husband and I have really liked it so far. There are 4 episodes out right now and Amazon will release one each Friday for the next several weeks until the season is finished! 

Listening: This Spotify Christmas playlist called 'Cozy Christmas Jazz' is amazing! It's so calming and just wonderful to listen to while I am working and can't be distracted by music with words or when we are cooking dinner together and just want a calm cozy evening! I can't do full-on Christmas music yet- like the Frank Sinatra classics and all of that. I get to sick of it by 12/25 so I start off slowly pre-Thanksgiving with Christmas jazz! 

Loving: J.Crew just launched their holiday collection and I just love it. I briefly worked at J.Crew for a few months right after I graduated from college as a personal stylist while I looked for a full-time job. I loved working there and I can't recall if I actually made any money there because I spent it all on J.Crew clothing- the discount was great! That's where my love started with their holiday collection. I remember it just started to trickle in as I left and had found a full-time job and was missing that discount BIG time. Once I had a full-time job, I was also making money from my blog... I remember they came out with the Chateau parka coat and my mom and I were admiring it in the store (It's a beautiful coat). I decided right then and there I was going to buy my mom and me the coats! We both still have, and love, our coats and it's just a really special memory for me (and also shows you how well the coats are made to have lasted so many years.. probably about 8 years now). I love to give gifts. Anyway, I think they do holiday season clothing very well and always have and I love to be able to rely on them for sparkles and plaids! 
Wanting: This sherpa jacket is so cute!

Pittsburgh: We went to Gi-Jin this past weekend and it was, as always, so delicious. It's tough to snag a restaurant here since not only is it fabulous but the space itself is small. The toro is my #1 favorite thing to order but you can't go wrong as everything is delicious! It's definitely one of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh. The sushi is so high-quality and so fresh.
Amazon Rec: I like big mugs for my morning coffee because I drink more than 8oz. It's hard to find larger mugs that are decorated beautifully like the smaller mugs are but this Spode mug is exactly what I was looking for! I ordered it this week and it came in just one day! I have the smaller version of these mugs but they never get used because I can't fit my coffee in them! They're more for tea or hot cocoa. You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Smelling: I love the Thymes scent in general, but they make it in a hand soap and it smells SO good. I love it and it makes such a cute host/hostess gift for under $20. 

Quoting: 'If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.'- Jack Kornfield// See more of my favorites, here.

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