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Gift Guide 2022: For Her Under $100

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I found this gift guide really hard to make this year! This guide is centered around $50-$100ish gifts for her and I was surprised to see so many of my favorites, this year, are now over $100 so they can't make the cut! I try to stay away from clothing for the most part because I think clothing can be hard to gift to most people unless you know them very well or they have asked for something particular. So anyway, this one took a LONG time to make!! 

I'm going to do a stocking stuffers guide (items under $50) as well as a splurge gift guide (items $100+) so I tried to keep this guide right around $60-$100ish so keep that in mind if you were looking for things like makeup pouches and that kind of thing- that will be on the stocking stuffer guide and things like a nice coat or jewelry will be on the splurge guide! I'm trying to roll these out quickly so next week will be mostly gift guides!! 

Cashmere Tee// This is one of my favorite wardrobe staples. It's luxuriously soft and pairs with so many things. It comes in a ton of colors, too. It's roomy and has a relaxed fit but I still get my usual size small.

Power Glow Peel Pads// These a glycolic soaked pads that I use leading up to big events. These are the extra strength version but they also have a regular version, too. They're price but they make such a noticeable difference in my skin that I find them to be worth it. They minimize my pores, even out my skintone, keep acne away, and are anti-aging. They tingle at first but once you use them enough, the tingling stops! 

Steamer// I use this steamer practically daily. The steam is strong and works so well on even the toughest wrinkles. I also find this the best and easiest way to make sure my linends are wrinkle-free. My trick is to put the linens on the bed and then steam while they are on the bed. The face of the steamer also gets hot so you get a bit of an iron effect, too. 

Faux Orchid// I have this faux orchid and also the smallest one. This is the realest faux orchid I have ever seen. I have it in my dining room on my buffet which is an area which does not get enough sunlight to really sustain something like an orchid so this was a good alternative. I'm typically not a huge fan of faux plants but this one is good enough that I am willing to make an exception. 

Fleece Scarf// I love this scarf so much! I got it last year and it was my go-to all winter because it was so warm and cozy and soft. I have to take Henry on walks no matter the weather in the winter months and this was just wonderful to have on hand. It's also great if you are skiier, you can use it for extra warmth! 

Scalloped Bath Towels// These are the bath towels that I recently got for our bathroom. We had been using our other towels for many years and I just felt it was time to replace them. These are SO lofty and soft and absorbent. I love the scalloped edging, too. 

Ankle/Arm Weights// I don't have these but I want them! I have an old pair I got from Amazon that are weighted with sand or something. They are unattractive but also just don't function very well. I just love the look of these bala bands as well as their function! 

Tea Kettle// We have this tea kettle and this is the second gift guide I have included it on. I got it for my husband for his birthday as we love to have tea in the evenings. It's such a pretty kettle and the demi size is smaller and perfect for a couple or someone who lives in a small apartment with limited storage. This is coming from the girl who always just microwaved her water for tea... now that I do this, the water is so much hotter and I will never go back to microwaving my water! I also just find the regimen with the kettle to be soothing! 

Toile Scarf// There are several prints in this scarf and I think they are so beautiful. A scarf is the perfect thing for someone who has everything because you can truly never have too many scarves! I also think it's great for someone who loves fashion and clothing but if you don't want to guess their sizing or ask for it. I think this could be the perfect thing to give to someone like your mother-in-law or your boyfriend's mom! 

Rome Coffee Table Book// I ordered this for my husband for Christmas! I think a coffee table book makes a nice gift for anyone for any occasion. I gave my friends who were getting married and going on their honeymoon to Napa a coffee table book about Napa. We had a coffee table book at our wedding and used it as a guest book for our guests to sign. They double as decor which is great for someone who loves interiors! There are all sorts of topics so they truly have a beautiful book for anyone on your list! We gave one of our family friends a motorcycle coffee table book and it was such a hit!

Straw Clutch// I have this straw clutch and absolutely love it. I carried it all summer long. It's just a really nice size to fit a small wallet, lip gloss, phone, keys, etc. I love that it can be carried as a clutch but also has a shoulder strap. It can be dressed down or even be worn to a black tie summer event. It's neutral so it pairs with everything! 

Hermes Lip Oil// This is pricey lip oil but I think this is the perfect kind of gift for someone who is super into high fashion, brands, labels, etc. I can't really afford to gift anyone Hermes, but I can afford to gift them some Hermes lip oil! 

Nightgown// I have this nightgown in stripes and I LOVE it. I am new to the nightgown world but I love wearing this while getting ready for a night out or when traveling and don't want to pack a robe but instead pack this because it is less bulky.

Ugg Slippers// I have these in gold. I got them last year and love how easy they are to slip right on. The quality is great and they are so cozy. You need to replace slippers every few years so I definitely think these make for a great gift around the holiday season. 

Wood Serving Bowl// I love these wood serving bowls. There are many different sizes to accommodate whatever you might want to use them for. We mostly use them for make and serving salads. They are simple in design but really well made and beautiful in their simplicity. 

Leather Travel Catchall// I have this and absolutely love it. I take it on every single trip I go on and I keep things that I would normally keep in my nightstand on this tray. So for example, lip balm, hand cream, cuticle cream,  jewelry, etc. 

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