Thursday, November 17, 2022


Headband// Pullover (runs really big)

Winter kind of just came in like a wrecking ball this week!! It has been SO cold and gloomy and it even snowed on Tuesday for the first time! Pretty much right on schedule for Pittsburgh, though, so I guess I shouldn't act too shocked! 
It has not been a great week over here. We kicked off the week by taking Henry to an emergency vet appointment on Monday. It's a long story and I will spare you all the details but he seems to possibly be fully recovered. He started to act himself again by Tuesday late afternoon but then wouldn't go #2 for a long time so that became an issue into Wednesday so that was a whole thing, too. I don't want to jinx it by saying we are in the clear just yet but I feel confident that this is passing!! Phew. I am so thankful for our amazing vet. I think gut intuition is almost always right. I had this exact gut intuition once before with Henry back in 2018 and I was right to take him in and again, this time, right to take him in. 

This week has been busy with projects since next week is like a content creator/influencer Super Bowl, ha! I've gone a little 'burning the candle at both ends' this week and I am SO tired (worrying about Henry has certainly made me lose some sleep, too) but I truly love what I do and the crazy hours are short lived! It's all worth it and no complaints! We have my in-laws coming to stay with us this weekend so I've been busy grocery shopping, and getting everything prepped for their arrival! My MIL and SIL are the nicest people and not at all judgy when it comes to our home (or at all, they're wonderful) but even so, I love to make sure that everything is in perfect shape when they visit! And honestly, I'm excited for our house to return to perfect condition by tomorrow because as I type this, everything is a big of a mess, hahah!!

 This scarf is stunning. It's huge in person and it drapes so beautifully. I absolutely love the colors and print- elegant and seasonless! I included it in my under $100 gift guide. Such a beautiful gift to give. 

Eating: I've never made a breakfast casserole in my life but I'm going to attempt this croissant one. It sounds easy and delicious so here's to hoping that it turns out well! I'm going to serve it with mixed fruit and chocolate croissants because I know his niece and nephew will like those... and I want to be the cool aunt, haha! 
Drinking: I got my first holiday cup- I'm not a huge Starbucks gal. I used to be and I think I just got it too much at one point and then got turned off a bit. I like black coffee (Starbucks, still, their French roast) that I make at home and I make a better cappuccino at home, too. But every once in a while, when I am out and about, I will snag a cappuccino. It's always anti-climactic, ha! But I do think their cups are pretty this year! Here is a recap of the cups over the years. I think 2019 was my favorite in terms of designs! Cheap thrills! 

Sale: J.Crew is doing an extra 50% off sale items! Use code FESTIVE! Stay tuned for next week and I will cover all of my favorite brands and their Cyber Week sales, including J.Crew! 

 Have you guys started thew new season of The Crown? I started it but have only made it through a few episodes as I haven't had much time for TV! But I am loving the episodes so far- I am really not into/knowledgeable about anything royal (I just like Kate Middleton's outfits) so I had no idea a lot of this happened/ was also too young to remember any of this The cinematography and the sets and costumes alone are worth watching for but the storylines are captivating and the actors are all so incredibly talented. 

Loving: This sweater + sunglasses combo gives me vintage vibes! The sweater is on sale and the sunglasses are under $20!  
Wanting: I just ordered this faux fur headband- taking Henry out this week just proved I need more things to cover my ears, haha! I also ordered these down mittens... they have a promo going on if you spend $100, you get $25 off! 
Amazon Rec: This Water Mark Remover cloth truly works, I was so shocked. I had a small mark on my nightstand and I read the reviews on this and decided to give it a try. The spot is TOTALLY gone!! Be sure to follow the directions and test a small spot first. You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Smelling: Love love love this candle so much. I've been burning it all week and it's just the coziest and was the best as the snow was falling earlier this week! 

Traveling: We are off to Savannah soon! It is my first time there and I am so excited to explore! 

Quoting: 'A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers.' - Chinese Proverb// See more of my favorites, here.


Laura Baker Busic said...

Omg you will LOVE Savannah, it's one of my favorite places!! Can't wait to see what you get into there!

Laura Baker Busic said...

Omg you will LOVE Savannah! I can't wait to see what you get into there!


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