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Gift Guide 2022: Gifts For Her Under $50 (Stocking Stuffers)

Gift Guide 2022: Gifts For Her Under $50 (Stocking Stuffers)
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Today's gift guide features 28 items that are priced under $50, many under $25 and would be great to give as gifts or as stocking stuffers! 

I feel like I could have made so many more suggestions at this price point so as we get closer to Christmas, I might do another one. There are so many great small gifts priced under $50 that I personally use daily! I tried to include many things that I already have and love within this guide! 

Micro Fleece Top + Micro Fleece Joggers// Every single person that lives in a cold climate could appreciate this micro fleece set. I got mine on sale and the total price of the top and bottom were $30. The microfleece is so insanely soft, it's unbelievable. I have felt a lot of fleece and most of it is soft but this is like truly next level. The quality isn't the best in the world, but for $30, this is amazing. I got two sets in the exact same color (navy) because I didn't want to be without it when it was in the wash. This will for sure be my winter dog walking outfit. If I don't have something *super* warm to put on in the winter months to go outside in, I won't so I am always sure to buy things I know will be helpful on those bitter days when I don't want to go out. I find that my mental health is worlds better if I get outside at least once a day in the winter as well as it's necessary for Henry to go on walks. Long story short, ANY woman on your list this Christmas will love this set. 

Passport Ornament// This ornament is more symbolic for any ornament. I love giving ornaments to people. I think they are so sentimental and I love that you collect them over many years. Our tree truly tells the story of our life and I LOVE that. I think I'm going to get this one for my husband this year to remind us of our fun Europe trip this past summer! 

Hydro Boost Mask// These are super inexpensive but they are an amazing sheet mask. I keep mine in the refrigerator for depuffing purposes. I use one of these before an important photo session or just when I'm needing a little TLC. They are very hydrating and a great thing to put on before you do your makeup for a fancy event! 

Cuticle Oil// I love this cuticle oil. I think it's pricey since the tube is so small but the oil itself is so nice and nourishing. I love the brush applicator. I think you can definitely get a similar product for less but I really do think that the oil formula used in this one is the best and it's something I will continue to repurchase. 

Lip Replenisher// Listen, if your gal is at all interested in makeup, skincare, etc. this is the gift for her. This is a lip balm that you apply at night (or really whenever you want but I do at night) and I am not kidding you, it plumps my lips. Literally, my lips become larger by the next morning. They also reduce the fine lines in my lips, which is important to me. The results are fleeting- you can't just use it once and your lips are all of the sudden always plump and wrinkle-free, you have to use it daily or whenever you want the results. It's pricey so that's why I think it makes such a nice gift because I know some people may find $38 lip balm to be a little ridiculous. I will tell you right now, the women in my family are getting this as a gift. I am *passionate* about this stuff. I honestly think if you buy one thing off of this list, it should be this. 

Lash/Brow Serum// I've written about this enough that this is just me repeating myself but this is another product I'm so impressed with. I want to get a tube for my mom just to see the results happen on another person. Anyway, this is a prostaglandin-free clean lash and brow growth serum. I use it every single night and have loved the results. I will continue to use this. The bottle contains so much product, I'll be in my mid-thirties before I need to buy another bottle, ha!

Rechargeable Lamp// These lamps are beauty and function. Great for outdoor dining, or for wherever you would like a little added light and/or ambiance but don't have access to an outlet. This is wire-free and you just recharge it when needed. It has three different brightness settings, too. I have one in our bathroom. I love a counter top light in places like the kitchen and bathroom but we don't have enough space in our bathroom for a big lamp so this is just the perfect thing (it acts almost like a nightlight, but I don't leave it on overnight). 

Tea// This is my new favorite tea. I first had it at the St. Regis in Rome this summer and I love it so much. Ironically, it's French, but it's fabulous. It's pricey as far as tea goes but it's such a good gift for the tea lover in your life!

Pearl Clip Set// I love to gift this little pearl hair clip set. It's only around $10 and they are adorable. My sister gave a set to me on her wedding day and I use mine all of the time. 

Cream Blush// I love this cream blush sooooo much. It's super pigmented so you only need a tiny bit. The tin will last forever, I'm convinced. I have and love the peony pink shade (it's a rosy coral) but would also like to try out the plum berry shade. It's under $20 and a clean beauty product. If you don't believe me, read the reviews, there are so many 5-star reviews! 

Candle// I love Nest candles and this one, in particular, is one of my very favorites. It's cozy and fresh at the same time. It's not a summer scent, really, I find that I enjoy burning it year round. 

Stanley Tumbler// I feel like this doesn't need any explanation but they really are worth the hype. They are just a water tumbler, yes, but I do absolutely love mine and think most people would like one. My husband also loves his. They come in different sizes. I have the 40oz but someone like my mom thinks that is way too big, so you can go smaller! 

Travel Jewelry Case (monogrammed)//  I use this every single time I travel. It's beautiful in its simplicity and holds a lot more jewelry than you might think. For under $50, I also think the price is a nice buy. You can buy similar cases on Amazon for even less but I really think this is worth getting because it's so nice. 

Weighted Sleep Mask// This is something that I don't have but I would love to have. I had a massage once and they used a weighted mask on my eyes and I absolutely loved it. I didn't realize until recently that they were available to purchase pretty much anywhere! For something so small, it is shocking how relaxing it makes me feel.

Golden Snitch Hot Chocolate// I am a Harry Potter gal for sure and I just think this is too cute and fun! I really like food gifts in my stocking because this is the kind of novelty I don't think I would ever buy for myself. 

Gift Guide 2022: Gifts For Her Under $50 (Stocking Stuffers)
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2023 Calendar// This is the calendar I have used for the past 6 or 7 years. It's a desk or wall calendar and I just love the design of it. Plenty of space in each day to write something small and there is a notes section to the right of each month for a few notes to jot down. It helps to keep me organized on a high level and is beautiful! 

Travel Wrinkle Spray// I love this spray. You just spray onto your clothes and take your hands and kind of 'iron' then around your clothes and the wrinkles disappear. I got this originally because you can't bring a steamer or iron on a cruise with you, so I was googling around on what I could do about wrinkly clothes and this popped up! I personally prefer a steamer/iron for everyday life but in a pinch, this is so nice to have! 

Sports Bra// I love this inexpensive sports bra. I have so many colors. It's similar to a style that Lululemon sells and this one costs way less! It runs true to size! 

Hot Honey Dijon Mustard// I love this dijon mustard. It's special edition but I hope they don't stop carrying it because I rely on it for dressings and marinades and just to put on my sandwich. I love mustards of all kinds and this isn't really sweet or even all that spicy, it just has an added depth of flavor that I think regular Maille dijon lacks (I still think it's the best mustard brand!!).

Sunglasses// I love these sunnies! They are under $15 and so fun to wear. They are quite stylish and I think they would be a great gift for someone who likes to try new styles. 

Teleties// Teleties are the only hair tie I use. I love them, I have bought so many of them over the years. They don't break and they don't leave a crease in my hair. A girl can literally always use more hair ties so I think this makes for a great stocking stuffer because you can never have too many. 

Mascara// This is going on my best of 2022 list for sure. It is my favorite mascara ever! 

Phone Case// I have this phone case and love it. Diane Hill's work is fabulous and it's fun to be able to carry her work with me wherever I go. I always get compliments on my case when I am out and about! 

Crest Whitestrips// I have been a loyal Crest Whitestrips fan for many years. I use these whenever my teeth need a little pick me up. I love my coffee and red wine and chocolate and all of those good things that can stain your teeth! These don't bother my teeth but they bother my husband's teeth so he uses the sensitive version! Keep that in mind if you tend to have sensitive teeth!

Cooling Eye Balm// I use this balm every single morning. I know you all see it everywhere on social media and I've had some people tell me they are skeptical about the brand because it's just saturated with ads all over the place. But I can tell you that I have never worked with the brand before, I just have used my affiliate links as I do with everything else. I love to give this as a gift as everyone always loves it. It depuffs my eyes and hydrates them.

Makeup Headband// I think this headband is darling. I love these bath headbands meant for skincare and makeup application! I have quite a few and because they get icky with product so quickly, it's nice to have a few in rotation. 

Conditioning Hair Mask// I LOVE this hair mask. I have thick, highlighted hair and sometimes my hair needs a big dose of moisture. This makes my hair so soft and shiny. I don't use many hair masks because I don't think they make a huge difference, but this one totally does! 

Cashmere Mittens// I love gloves and mittens. Living in Pittsburgh, you kind of have to! A small dose of cashmere whether mittins, socks, scarf, etc. makes for the most luxurious gift! 

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