Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Our Christmas Card 2022

Dogwood Hill Christmas Cards

Dogwood Hill Christmas Cards

I'm so excited to share with you all our Christmas cards for this year! I love taking a photo each year for these holiday cards because it's so fun to look back on them. I started doing cards when we were engaged in 2019 and then have just kept it up ever since. I love the idea of snail mail and it's not often that you send and receive cards to so many people so this is why I LOVE this holiday tradition. I hope to see more people continue on with it, too, it's just one of those things that add to the holiday magic, in my opinion, and differentiate it from the rest of the year! I love that I can touch and feel the cards and I keep everyone's holiday card that they send to us. I put them in a ziplock bag and label them by year, it's so fun to look back on past holiday cards from friends and family near and far. My mom always saved the holiday cards growing up and she has cards from 20+ years ago- SO fun to look that far back!

We worked with Dogwood Hill on these cards as we have done in past years. They also did our wedding paper so I fully trust them with all things paper! They launch SO many beautiful card options each holiday season, I could truly sit there for hours pouring over all of the options. This year, I was smart and I gave myself a time limit to make a decision! Dogwood Hill uses independent artists to illustrate and design the card selection. The one we chose is by artist, Sally King McBride

tuckernuck americana sweater

tuckernuck americana sweater

We took our photo at the lake this summer. My mom snapped the photos. Thanks, mom! I planned our outfits around the matching collar and belt that we got Henry and my husband from the Charleston City market when we were visiting there back in March. They had a whole booth filled with dog collars and belts and I thought it was the cutest thing you could get them to match! The only thing I can really link from these outfits is My Sweater which is such a good cotton classic! 

Since Henry is so small (only 27 pounds) it is always a challenge to get both my husband and I in the photo with Henry since he is so low to the ground. So we either have to crouch down with him like we did in 2019 or my husband usually holds him up. I know probably no one notices, but for differentiating each year, I had this be a tighter, half-up shot which we hadn't done yet.

Haere are some Cards from past years!



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Kelly C said...

Yay! I love Christmas cards and these turned out so well!! I can't wait to frame our Christmas card each year and use it as a display on a buffet or something like that in our future home.


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